Yes to inclusion and equal opportunities

  • The company must reflect the society in which everyone lives.
The company must reflect the society in which everyone lives.

The company must reflect the society in which everyone lives.

At Sanofi, diversity and inclusion are priorities that are an integral part of the corporate values: teamwork, courage, respect, and integrity.

Acting for parity in companies

Gender parity is an accelerator that has a positive impact on society, the success of companies and the growth of our economy. To preserve and grow our talent pool, Sanofi has been working for several years to reduce the gaps and promote the place of women within its teams and in the healthcare industry. At Sanofi, promoting parity is at the heart of our strategy, culture and values. In March 2018, Sanofi set a target of 50% male-50% female representation among its executive managers (Top 2000) by 2025. With dedicated resources, a Global Network and a Board dedicated to the subject of parity, we have put in place several actions to achieve it. We regularly measure and publish our progress. The increase in the percentage of women among our executive managers is one of the indicators used in the calculation of the variable compensation of the members of the Executive Committee.


of women members in our Executive Committee


of women executive managers


is the target of 50% F/M representation by 2025

The #StOpE initiative

In December 2020, Sanofi in France, through the #StOpE initiative, made a commitment to fight against so-called ordinary sexism in the workplace, under the high patronage of Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of Equality between women and men, diversity and equal opportunities. « We are proud to be committed alongside the partner companies of the #StOpE initiative. Sexist behavior is by no means harmless or ordinary, even if it is unconscious or masquerading as benevolence. They exclude, belittle the people who are targeted in their professional activity. At Sanofi, we believe that skills have no gender and that is why we are committed to zero tolerance of ordinary sexism in company. » Florence Cauvet, HRD France.

  • Fostering youth employment
Fostering youth employment

Fostering youth employment

Supporting youth employment is a priority for Sanofi. In addition to the job fairs in which it participates or partnerships with schools, Sanofi is strongly committed to apprenticeships and internships, and works the employment of young people from working-class neighborhoods through its PAQTE commitment.

Fostering the integration of people with disabilities

Today in France, more than 12 million people live with a disability, whether visible or invisible. With 1,200 disabled employees, Sanofi has made disability a priority in order to build a more inclusive society and a more successful company.

Through our Disability Agreement, we are committed to :

  • maintain employment
  • recruiting
  • raise awareness to change the way people look at disability in the company
  • develop collaboration with the Protected and Adapted Work Sector
  • promote accessibility.
Instagram - Video - "I wish employees with #disabilities didn't inhibit themselves and hide their disability, because the more we hide, the more we isolate ourselves."
Fostering the integration of people with disabilities
  • Commitment to the LGBT+ community
Commitment to the LGBT+ community

Commitment to the LGBT+ community

Allowing everyone to be themselves is first and foremost about fostering a serene working environment. At Sanofi in France, the objective is and remains the inclusion of all diversities within the company.

SANOFI in France has made a commitment by signing the LGBT+ charter of "L'Autre Cercle”

Despite strong awareness over the last ten years, much remains to be done to fight discrimination against LGBT+ people. By signing the LGBT+ Commitment Charter of "L'Autre Cercle" for France, by offering support on inclusive management, but also training on cognitive biases, Sanofi reaffirms its commitment to equal rights to include all diversities within the company.

  • 1 in 4 LGBT people have experienced at least one LGBT phobic attack in their organization
  • Only 1 in 2 LGBT people are 'visible' in their work environment Date of signature of the charter - November 2020

Source: LGBT+ Barometer L'Autre Cercle-Ifop - February 2020


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Sanofi, a global healthcare leader

Life is a health journey, with its ups and downs. Every day at Sanofi France, 25,000 men and women join forces with passion to transform scientific progress into therapeutic solutions so that everyone can live their life to the full. Faced with health challenges and the complexity of diseases, Sanofi's mission can be summed up as preventing, treating and curing diseases.

In France, Sanofi provides over 400 drugs, vaccines and healthcare products, including 17 vaccines and over 200 drugs of major therapeutic interest.

Its wide range of products makes Sanofi a major player in French healthcare: 1 in 6 boxes dispensed in French pharmacies is a Sanofi product.

Sanofi is also committed to public health. Its vaccines protect children, adolescents and adults against more than 11 infectious diseases.

Every year in France, 8 million people are vaccinated using Sanofi vaccines.

What they are looking for

In France, Sanofi operates throughout the entire drug value chain, from research to marketing.

As a result, Sanofi offers a wide range of jobs in areas such as research and development, biological and chemical production, medicine, marketing, digital systems, sales and support functions.

Good to know

  • COMMITTING TO HEALTH The mission for employees is to innovate, invest and create value to meet one ambition, namely to cover all essential healthcare needs with innovative therapeutic solutions that enable everyone to live life to the full.
  • COOPERATING WITH PASSION All Sanofi employees are encouraged to play an active role in the transformation of Sanofi France. Thanks to its 25,000 employees in R&D, Production, Distribution and Service activities, its various professions, expertise and projects allow employees to cooperate on shared objectives with a sense of passion.
  • FOLLOWING A MEANINGFUL CAREER PATH Sanofi France invests in its employees' careers by offering a well-structured training path and encourages them to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

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