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Pure Storage

Jacob Ringler a passionate Executive with many years of R&D Expertise. He has helped build and run a large number of Sites in his career, and loves growing people and connecting Global Sites for accelerated growth and innovation.

A Computing Science grad from his hometown back home in Vancouver, you can find him on casual Fridays in either his favorite Hockey Team colors or Comics apparel.

Jake is a big fan of Prague and the Czech Republic, which can be seen in his excellent Czenglish.

During her Bachelor studies at CTU Nikola entered the computer science world to find out what will be the perfect field for her and develop her skills. She started as a software tester, later became a Java software developer and now starting a new way as a C++ engineer.

She is currently diving deep into data storage solutions providing customers with the best and flash experience. In her own words: “Computer science is a huge sea and I am proud to be able to swim in those waters.

Roman started with computers in primary school, trying to understand those 8-bit marvels all around him. In those days, you would find him burried deep in Z80 assembler, converting trending ZX Spectrum games to Sharp MZ-800. Eventually moving to x86 architecture, creating protected mode on-the fly sound emulators, sound players and many other utilities.

During Roman's university studies, he eventually moved to C language and predominantly Linux, then eventually to Java in the early 2000's. His work experience ranges from nation-wide telecommunication services, trading systems on Wall Street or leading teams and architecture for large-scale worldwide gaming.

Here at Pure Roman focus on the architecture of cloud-based solutions and large-scale projects in Java and Python deployed in Kubernetes.

About company

Some people say we’re one of the most innovative companies to come out of Silicon Valley and we couldn’t agree more! We’re a billion dollar enterprise level organization which rolls out the red carpet for the modern data experience. Sure, we’ve got to this level faster than nearly every enterprise company in tech firm history but we’re not resting on our laurels. Hell no!

We’ve grown to around 4000 Puritans (200 in our R&D office in Prague) globally across 38 countries and we’re not close to finished. As we expand the recognition we gain grows with us and our products currently lead Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in primary storage AND solid state arrays. You may have heard of NPS (Net Promoter Score) as a common instrument used for measuring customer loyalty by Fortune 500 firms. Ours is in the Top 1% of all B2B companies… Anyway, enough bragging.

After much research we decided to open our largest R&D centre, this side of the pond here in the beautiful city of Prague. Our teams here are leading the way in product development and are working on projects exclusively owned by the Prague office which will have a global impact on the progression and perception of Pure Storage. We’re setting up new business units and teams on a consistent basis which means amazing opportunities to take your career in exactly the direction you want.

We are looking for...

Pure Storage’s foundations are built on the amazing talent that join us in order to create stunning, simplistic products which customer after customer can’t get enough of. Our community of engineers are trustworthy and supportive and will commit to the growth of your career as much as you do. Our culture is based on collaboration, small teams working together to solve complex issues and we hire people based on their ability and desire not the tech stack they used in their previous job.

We have a dynamic work environment that benefits from adaptable engineers who love learning new technologies and we’ll support you every step of the way. Our teams flick between Java, C++, Python and Go but programming languages are just tools and we understand good engineers know when to use the right tool for the right application. At Pure Storage we have the surprising benefit of making sure you’re never the most intelligent person in the room.

Join us if you want to ask big questions, think differently, learn and make an IMPACT.

Good to know

We don’t get many things wrong but when we do we like to celebrate them... Along with the wins we’ve had of course! Our company-wide meetings are an opportunity for the Prague office to get together and learn from the great (kick ass) and not so great (razzie) ideas we’ve had that month. What's misfortune if you can’t laugh about it with your colleagues?

The togetherness of the team is reinforced by our communal spirit and we have many office activities to aid this including Pool, table tennis and table football. If you’re less actively inclined then join us in the ‘arcade room’ for some friendly gaming and banter.

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