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Hello. We are Prismic, a headless Website Builder with an API. We aim to simplify editing content on your website and make work enjoyable for developers, marketers, and content teams.

We've built in the past four years one of the leaders in the Headless Website Builder market. It means that more than 10000 teams around the world store the content of their websites in Prismic. We made our mission to deliver their content in a stable and reliable way.

What they are looking for

We are building a team of talented, thoughtful, and diverse people with the goal of making both frontend developers and website content creators more productive.

We are looking for strategic, data-driven, passionate, and proactive people with:

  • A growth mindset, passion for learning and experimenting;
  • Collaborative: building strong relationships across teams by listening and following through on your commitments;
  • An energetic, positive, and entrepreneurial-minded individual.

Good to know

We're making a calm, non-intrusive CMS that simply works, and works very well – on its own, and with other tools.

We're based in Paris (yes, that means you will have the choice to face the horrible prospect of moving to Paris, but you can also work from anywhere since Prismic is a Remote-first company) and have a relaxed culture with lots of little perks that will help you do your job to the best of your ability.

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