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Milan is in charge of development of Pricefx’s main product: a tool for price administration and optimization. He leads a team of 35 developers and testers who develop, test and operate the software and create new functionalities. He partially acts as SCRUM Master and also works closely with developers. When he has time he likes to program things himself. Milan has been with Pricefx since 2016, when he helped found the first Czech branch office, and he also serves as the company’s managing director. What he appreciates most about Pricefx is the atmosphere of freedom and trust, and his smart, clever and responsible co-workers. He often grabs a beer with his team and also takes part in sporting events such as the Teribear charity run.

Kate ensures that Pricefx employees work with the best tools and methodologies in order to deliver high quality products to clients. She introduces ideas to make collaboration between employees more efficient. What she likes most about Pricefx is the flexibility, the challenges, the global nature of the company and the feeling of recognition that she gets. She works in Munich, most often from home, and communicates with co-workers online. She began working with the company in 2015 as an external partner and since 2018 has held a full-time position.

Kate is an avid reader and traveller. She is also very active in the start-up community and organizes lectures and workshops on various small business topics with the aim of connecting people and giving them opportunities to share their experience.

Daniel is developing an application that aims to save co-workers’ time. Daniel and his team focus on tasks that take a lot of work time and tries to automate them. He joined Pricefx in 2017 and was most captivated by the flexible working hours, home office and overall freedom. He can work when it’s most convenient and after the morning standup he can take a break to do sports, for instance. What he likes most about his work are the problems that he addresses, the technology with which he works, and his great co-workers.

Aside from programming he likes to travel. Thanks to the freedom afforded by Pricefx, he was able to recently spend a month in Canada and work remotely. He is also trying to learn to play the guitar but he admits that he hasn’t gotten past the eternal beginner phase yet.

Introduction to the company

Pricefx’s main domain is development of pricing and price optimization cloud software. It is a "software as a service" company. Pricefx places a high priority on transparent and fair relationships with customers. It helps customers automate the price setting process, analyze historical data and search for patterns in data, which enables them to change their prices in real time and monitor data on sales and competitors.

Pricefx was founded in 2011 in Germany and during its first five years all 15 employees worked remotely. In 2016 the first Pricefx branch office was founded in Prague and it is still the company’s headquarters today. Gradually the company established more branch offices, in Hradec Králové, Ostrava, Chicago and Brisbane. Today Pricefx has more than 400 employees. But the company’s principles - freedom, trust, teamwork and the option of working from home at any time - remain the same. And that’s what Pricefx employees appreciate most of all about the company.

For backend the company uses open source technology, Java, Linux and on the frontend React, Redux and JavaScript. The company uses agile methodology and SCRUM.

Who Pricefx is looking for

Independent, smart people who know how to take responsibility for their work fit in well at Pricefx. People who don’t need to be micro-managed or constantly checked. Pricefx values initiative and new ideas. In exchange you’ll get real flexibility in your job – if you e.g. discover over time that you are more interested in a different area, transferring within the company is not a problem. The company also has branch offices in Australia and Chicago, not only because the company language is English.

What’s good to know

Pricefx has a horizontal organizational structure and implementing new changes does not take long in the company. Employees like to spend a lot of time together at various corporate events, such as movie nights, regular breakfasts, sporting events and office football breaks. Even the CEO sometimes helps out and spends the entire morning cooking lunch for new employees to get to know them and to properly welcome them into the company.

Every year the company holds a big party to celebrate its birthday and employees from around the world fly in to Prague to take part. Pricefx also holds regular monthly PragueJS JavaScript meetings for developers, which keeps them in constant contact with the IT community and on top of what’s going on.

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