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Stan is one of Powder’s co-founders, leading and overseeing the development of the company. He brings 8 years of leadership and product experience to Powder. Stan already made a contribution to clips-making industry, as one of the founders of Mindie, an app that was first to introduce the vertical video & music format. Later the format was taken over by Musical.ly and TikTok and became the most influential mobile format of the second half of the 2010s. "Gaming is booming, and video on mobile is booming, fuelled by short form. We create a bridge between these two worlds”, as he explains the reasoning behind the Powder project.

Bart is the Powder co-founder in charge of everything Growth. He brings 8 years of startup experience to the project: he co-led deep tech startup contest Hello Tomorrow from its inception, and co-founded Artomatix, a startup using AI to automatically generate 3D content for video games, which exited to Unity (2020).

For Barthélémy, “the emergence of video games as the new social networks represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshuffle the cards of social, and to create a new—virtuous—paradigm based on fun and true relationships, rather than on individualism and the sale of personal data.”

One of the co-founders, Christian acts as the technical lead of the project, curating and guiding all developers. He brings 20 years of development experience to Powder, including 10 years in mobile development, as well as expertise in signal processing, algorithms, 3D, real-time rendering and data processing flows. Christian worked as an IT developer for numerous projects before taking the lead of mobile technical team of Eurosport. Later he co-founded EmoJam, a startup that invented the format of musical animated stickers.

Yannis is co-founder and Chief of Content at Powder, determining all topics tied to culture and to the image at the company. He brings 20 years of production and content experience to the Powder Project, as well as essential expertise in the functioning of entertainment and advertising markets.

Yannis launched his career in content production by founding Ninety Nine, a company that helped catalyze the revival of music videos during the emergence of French rap & the “French touch” in electronic music. Since then he has worked in brand content with clients such as Nike, Playstation and Paris Saint Germain, and was the creative producer at Konbini during its initial launch.

Anne is in charge of missions ranging from accounting and general services (general organization of the workspaces), to HR functions and team building. Acting as the main support force for the Operations team, she deals with numerous topics on a daily basis.

With a Master's degree in Cultural Mediation, she started her career as an office manager at Wiltee. She also worked in AdopteUnMec, Wirecard and Max Havelaar, prior to joining Powder in January 2021. Striving to make the work life of the crew more enjoyable, she is the real soul of the office.

Aaish has recently joined Powder as a full-time Growth & Acquisition specialist. Having interned with the team previously, she proved to be a perfect match for the company’s ambitions and core values. She is focused on building Powder's user base and growing Powder's presence globally.

Aaish graduated from HEC Paris business school with a Masters in Strategic Management, and is a real startup enthusiast. Prior to joining the company, she worked as an external consultant to a B2B SaaS startup-turned-unicorn Anaplan, and as a Growth Hacker at an AI-driven SaaS startup.

Irina is working at Powder as a Motion Designer. Within the content team, she is mainly responsible for video production, creation of advertising content and content for Powder social networks. With a master's degree in Intelligence and Cultural Innovations (Marketing and Communications) at the University of Paris, Irina has done several internships in Russian companies and in French startups as a Communication Officer and Content Manager. Thanks to her, Powder is able to bring to life highly-creative visuals to attract new users to our platform.

Liam is in charge of creating and enhancing neural networks related to Powder's image processing. He is tackling many computer vision and machine learning problems critical to Powder's mission, including detecting highlights in videogames, recommending content to users, and using NLP to encourage better user interactions. Graduate of the University of Amsterdam with a Master's degree in AI, he completed his master's thesis at Scyfer, an AI consulting firm bought by Qualcomm. Prior to joining Powder he worked as a Data Scientist at PandaScore. Liam is passionate about all things machine and deep learning, and is on a mission to ensure Powder continues to apply (and contribute to) state-of-the-art research in the field.


Powder is building the camera of the Metaverse - the ultimate companion app that provides gamers with the necessary tools to easily source, edit and share gaming content. Our goal is to democratize gaming content creation and distribution with the help of tech.

Leveraging the latest advances in AI, Powder records and automatically captures the best gaming highlights across any platform and device (iOS, Android, PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch). Our editing engine allows to personalize clips in a matter of minutes and share them directly across social media, including in vertical formats.

Our ultimate ambition? To become the video infrastructure of social gaming! To get there, we're designing the best in-app experience so that creating content around games becomes as easy, accessible and fun for our users as playing them.

What they are looking for

Powder is looking for smart, passionate individuals, curious about AI and gaming, who want to become part of a booming sector, in a high-impact startup. Entrepreneurial mindset drives everything we do, so people that dream big and enjoy taking the plunge once in a while can truly thrive here!

Since 2020, 42 new people have joined our startup! There is a big variety of tech and non-tech positions to fill, as the company continues to scale.

Powder aims to hire the best profiles by offering competitive salaries and benefits that reflect skills and experience of each employee.

Given our fast-paced and agile working environment, autonomous and creative profiles are highly valued. And if you have experience in related fields, that is definitely a plus!

Good to know

Powder is a team of amazing individuals from around the world (17 nationalities!), most of whom are based in our Parisian office.

As a team, we love spending time together! There are lots of weekly activities to break the routine like team lunches, yoga classes, video-games tournaments (including on retro consoles!) and apéros. Recently, we all travelled to Spain for our first seminar!

If you are looking for co-workers with a warm and friendly attitude, who will motivate and inspire you on a daily basis; you should apply without a doubt!

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