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Partoo is a scale-up whose mission is to help stores increase their revenue thanks to the Internet.

With more than 150 employees in France, Spain, Brazil, India and Mexico, Partoo has achieved annual growth of between 80% and 100%. And that's only the beginning ! Their goal is to become the benchmark application used by stores around the world to develop their businesses on the Internet. The next 5 years will be those of huge growth; in relation to the product, which will bring more and more value to its users, as well as the international scale of their ambitious expansion strategy, and from a human point of view by building out the teams in their various offices.

But, above all, Partoo is a human adventure: simple, fun, curious, empathetic and hard-working people who want to make an impact by helping local businesses.

The well-being of employees is a priority in their eyes and has been recognised by the Happy at Work label they received in 2020!

What they are looking for

At Partoo, employees are the priority. Despite the company’s growth, it is essential for them to maintain the culture that has made them successful until now. Recruiting people who share the same values is therefore essential. Here are a few sentences that represent their state of mind:

  • Have fun at work
  • Sincerely care about others
  • Stay curious to bring value - to yourself, to others, to the company
  • Simplicity is the best route to success
  • We make decisions to have an impact
  • Striving to be simply the best

Good to know

At Partoo, time spent together is highly valued. Whether it's sports sessions taking place almost every lunchtime (boxing, football, running, crossfit, climbing, etc.), Friday after-work drinks, team or company retreats or even a weekly Partoo Academy to learn new things; There is something for every taste.

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