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Paris, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Bruxelles, Lyon, Madrid, Munich

Joy is our secret sauce

Employees looking to visit a city where Malt has offices can hop into our lively "house swaps" channel on Slack. They post their travel plans and voilà! Awesome colleagues from the destination city respond with their own availability for a house swap.

For example, Valeria based in Berlin, wanted a taste of croissants and the city of lights, so she found a kindred spirit in Paris.

We know our Malters are all very eager to create a lasting impact every day. That's why we have decided to launch a partnership with Day One, a platform that allows employees to engage in hundreds of different organizations.

One day a year, our French teams can trade their office attire for aprons and gardening gloves, joining forces with Day One to dedicate a day to causes close to their hearts

This year, no fewer than 400 Malters celebrated the end of 2023 ! Under the theme of "Legends of Malt", we gathered to create new memories and turn together the page to the 2024 chapter. Time to say thanks after a year full of changes, growth and above all, new faces in the teams !


Co-founded in 2013 by Vincent Huguet, with Alexandre Fretti as co-CEO since 2022, Malt is Europe's leading freelancing platform with one clear mission: to give people the freedom to choose who they work with. We are a tech company with a human approach that helps companies and freelancers make the perfect match.

Our marketplace embraces a community of over 700,000 freelancers and over 70,000 clients, ranging from SMEs to large corporations. Since the acquisition of Comatch in 2022 and the launch of Malt Strategy, Malt also offers the expertise of its network of independent consultants and transition managers.

We’ve built the industry’s leading freelance management solution — all on a powerful, data driven tech platform — to match companies with the right freelance talent.

But we’re more than just a connector. Our marketplace streamlines freelancer-client communications, simplifies administrative and legal tasks, expedites invoicing and payments, and so much more.

We need people like you to help us write this next chapter.

What they are looking for

Digital experts (developers, designers, UX...) and ambitious people who can help to develop long-term relationships with freelancers and corporate clients. Beyond studies and a rich experience what we are looking for most is Malters:

People who share the ambition to create one of the most beautiful start-ups of the decade. Who are dynamic, casual, fun team players who are want to be part of this unique adventure.

Our vision is to give everyone the power of choice, what's yours?

Good to know

Our Mission as an employer is to create a space where you can thrive, personally and professionally. For that we offer:

  • A hybrid remote policy (up to 2 days of remote per week)

  • Every three years, each Malter is entitled to a one-month paid sabbatical

  • We offer the possibility to work a few weeks from one of our 15 offices around Europe

  • In addition to our offices, you can work from anywhere in Europe for up to two weeks per year

  • A week of onboarding to familiarize yourself with our culture, products and services.

  • Brand new offices in the center of Paris (18 rue Godot-de-Mauroy, 75009)

  • 9-11 days of RTT

  • One day per year to help in a charity organization

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