Nicolas, with a long experience in robotics and leadership and management skills acquired during his previous entrepreneurial experience, is the CEO of Luos. He is in charge of R&D, manages the implementation of new functionalities, and is the technical surety of the sales process. It also intervenes when the client has specific and technical questions.

Simon is passionate about Maker and Do It Yourself trends, and familiar with industrialization processes. He is the Managing Director of Luos, in charge of project management on the one hand, and the implementation / deployment of the solution at the customer's site on the other hand, as well as customer success. He is also in charge of financial management and requests for public funding.

Emanuel specializes in structuring innovation programs, including hardware. As COO, he is in charge of developing the commercial offer, testing it and setting up the marketing and sales process. He comes into contact with prospects, is responsible for transforming them into customers, and is responsible for sales.

Electronic engineer with 10 years of experience including 3 years abroad, specializing in digital and analog hardware electronics and embedded software for different areas of industry such as space, aeronautics, automotive and medical .

James is an embedded systems consultant and has worked for more than 15 years on industrial, military, mobile telephony and aviation security systems. He works primarily on low-level development, creating bootloaders or optimizing routines in assembly, making the most of small processors. For a while, James trains engineers on embedded systems, or he makes new gizmos, much to the dismay of his partner.


Luos is an Open-source and real-time orchestrator for distributed architectures, to easily design, test and deploy embedded applications (like Tesla, SpaceX and Dyson do!), kind of Docker for hardware.

In more detail, the startup develops a code library for embedded systems, an innovative communication technology dedicated to using embedded services for complex electronics. This research-based software technology helps reduce the time-to-market and ease the development of new electronic products.

Their ambition is to change the way embedded software is developed by replicating some of the major advances that occurred in the web and software fields a few years ago, advocating a microservice and API approach, but this time in the fields of embedded systems.

Luos's customers build consumer electronics, robots, smart home appliances, IoT, new mobility, etc.

What they are looking for

Technology enthusiast!

Good to know

Advantages: meal vouchers card and mutual insurance 100% covered. The possibility of remote working up to 2 days a week. Various activities: squash, surfing, climbing, after-work, etc.

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