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Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital

Backend Engineer

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Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital

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Backend Engineer

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Who are they?

Loft Orbital is a provider of space “Missions as-a-Service”.

Founded in 2017 at the heart of the Silicon Valley, Loft Orbital integrates, launches, and operates high-reliability and high-performance spacecraft. Loft Orbital’s approach is centered on enabling standardization to deliver reliable space missions with improved cost and schedule performance.

Loft Orbital’s spacecraft are typically configured as “rideshares”, meaning that multiple customers share the onboard resources of a 100-kg class microsatellite platform.

Loft Orbital is developing the interface technologies, which are both software and hardware, and is thus the first company in the space sector that marry tech and space domains. The French subsidiary, based in Toulouse, focuses on the R&D activities for the development of these technologies.

Loft Orbital
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Job description

At Loft Orbital, we have just successfully launched our first two satellites that we fly and operate ourselves. We are now actively looking for backend engineers to join and help us build the next missions and the apps to test and pilot our spacecraft! 🛰️🛰️🛰️

We are based in San Francisco (California), Golden (Colorado) and Toulouse (France), and will consider remote positions.

About Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital provides the fastest and simplest path to orbit for organizations that require information from space. We operate satellites, fly customer payloads onboard, and handle the entire mission from initial concept through in-orbit operations. This service is powered by our hardware and software products that enable any payload to fly on a standard satellite, reducing the lead-time and risk of a traditional space mission. Our standard interfacing and mission operations products enable us to fly any kind of payload, such as imagers, RF systems, scientific experiments, national security missions, in-orbit demonstrations, and weather and climate sensors.  Our customers trust us to manage their space infrastructure, so they can focus on what matters most to them: operate their mission and collect their data.

We build “shareable” satellites to make it easier and faster for our customers to access space. This means that we embark multiple customers on the same satellite to do things like take pictures, support IoT connectivity, act as blockchain nodes, etc. By doing so, we can fit customers into both missions already planned for launch, or satellites already deployed in space!

This service is powered by our hardware and software products that provide standardized interfaces to our customers, reducing the lead-time and risk of a traditional space mission.

What’s also special about Loft is that our devs get a satellite pilot training and certification. We believe to achieve the best, we need to eat our own dogfood. So when ready, you will be given the chance to play a role in satellite operations. We call this – brace yourself – being a “SatDevOps” !!! It’s pretty unique, especially when you finally get to take your very first own picture of Earth from space!

At Loft, you'll be given the autonomy and ownership to solve significant challenges, but with a close-knit and supportive team at your back. We believe that diversity and community are the foundation of an open culture. We are committed to hiring the best people regardless of background and make their time at Loft the most fulfilling period of their career.  With a wave of exciting customer traction, we are scaling up quickly across our teams and within our three offices located in San Francisco, CA; Golden, CO; and Toulouse, France.

Wanna join the adventure?

Our ground software team has talented individual contributors both in Europe and in the US. We need talents that have experienced a project done at scale and master best practices. We are looking for engineers to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the team so we can scale and grow further.

Some technical information about the position

The stack we are using: Python, Django, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Cue, C++

*Even if you don't "check all the boxes", we strongly encourage you to still apply.

There is a good chance you will love this job if this talks to you :

  • You are a relentless problem solver
  • Advanced knowledge of Python
  • Comfortable with Docker
  • Distributed systems experience
  • Working in Agile teams
  • Fluency in professional English
  • You are proactive in taking ownership of tasks and take them to completion
  • Bonus points if you have the following competencies :

  • Knowledge of Django
  • API design
  • Database interactions
  • Familiarity with event-based systems, message queues, pub/sub
  • Some experience with Kubernetes
  • Automating large scale machines
  • Experience using cloud platforms
  • Experience in the aerospace industry
  • We value kind, supportive and team-oriented collaborators. It is also crucial for us that you are a problem solver and a great communicator. As our team is international, you will need strong English skills to better collaborate, easily communicate complex ideas and convey important messages.

    Loft Orbital

    Loft Orbital

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