Leads To Development

Leads To Development

Past and future

Their story

Their story

L2D was founded in 2009 by three experienced drug developers who had worked together managing the development of the product pipeline of a French biotech. They realised there would be a massive value for biotechs to out-source the operational management of their preclinical development rather than bringing in in-house expertise that would often only be needed for a finite period. The company was immediately accepted by the prestigious Paris-Biotech Santé incubator and rapidly found its first clients.

Since then, L2D has steadily grown and has moved twice to larger offices. The team has not only expanded, but the types of services offered have been extended to include all non-clinical aspects of drug development, injectable medical device development and the over-sight of clinical trials.


The year L2D was founded


The number of therapeutic products L2D has worked on since 2009


The number of successful clinical trial applications filed in 2021


The proportion of our clinical trial applications that have been approved


Client satisfaction

Their vision

L2D is now expanding into new geographical markets as well as new product types and services. To meet these new challenges, and continue its steady expansion, the company regularly recruits drug development project managers and is therefore always on the look out for outstanding individuals who would love to join them.

Their vision

Company values

In 2017, the team members and managers of L2D worked together to define the company’s culture code based on their values: Respect, Team spirit, Quality, Integrity and Responsibility. Values, that allow the team to work together harmoniously to deliver outstanding service to clients and help advance the development of vital new drugs for patients in need.

The company provides an inclusive environment and is an equal opportunities employer. The founders and managers are always open to suggestions and work with the team members to provide the best possible working environment and atmosphere for everyone.


we treat everyone with the utmost respect and consideration


what we do, we do well


we hold ourselves accountable for our actions


we are stronger as a team than as individuals


we are honest with ourselves and with others

Commitments and CSR

L2D has set up a working group to coordinate the company’s social values initiative, which aims to leverage the team’s skills, commitment and fundamental values to benefit society.

Their social values work is being developed on three axes:

  • Science education / Careers in science: The team is striving to breakdown the communication walls and make science open to all through masterclasses and other outreach activities. Staff who wish to do so are actively involved in outreach to the community including providing careers guidance to school and university students (MyJobGlasses).

  • Innovation and charity: Events are organised with the whole team every quarter to support worthy causes chosen by L2D members such as sponsored activities, ocean clean ups and financial donations.

  • Sustainability and wellbeing: The team are working to reduce L2D’s environmental impact and maximise the staff’s wellbeing.


Some of the L2D team joined the Course des Lumières, an event organised to raise awareness and funds for chronic diseases, including cancer. 

The Paris event gathered several hundred participants who walked or ran along the Seine. The L2D-sponsored team helped raise funds for the Institut Curie, which carries out life-saving cancer research.

"The event was really dynamic and festive, despite the November cold and the wait at the start line. Everyone was eager to raise awareness for such an important cause. It was great to see a number of our clients also involved in this event both in Paris and around France."