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The product guy. Graduated from Ecole polytechnique in 2016, he finished his studies in the silicon valley, absorbing a horizontal and ambitious mindset that he decided to bring back to France. Proudly humbled by a first bumpy startup phase, he's the one balancing the short-term product choices and long-term vision, always on the edge, always looking to better the processes. He just loves human beings and chatting with users.

Our ball of energy. Graduated from INSEEC, she started spending 70% of her time on the field as customer manager for a sport company. She then spent 2 years working as operations & customer success for a startup working with public contractors (the client of our current clients !). She just loves meeting people and making them progress. Plus she's always smily and ready for a laugh!

Our React Native geez. Freshly graduated from Epitech, he discovered coding after high school but quickly became one of the best in his year. A regular freelancer in parallel of his school projects, he also created a React Native package just for fun! These days, you'll find him sharing React and React Native components, or pushing his limits in native related tech topics. Also a great pedagogue, get ready to learn from him!

The Dad of the company. Graduated from Ecole polytechnique in 2003, he achieved a PhD in speech synthesis (doing machine learning before its hype), then worked as fullstack dev / lead dev in a education social network, and lead software engineering projects for various groups. Still a very hands-on backend geez and acknowledged pedagogue, he codes and gives the tech team its key directions!


Kraaft turns mobile messaging into actionable workflows. As simple as WhatsApp, and as powerful as Airtable, our product semi-automatises data classification and reporting out of simple conversations.

We mainly focus on public works today: construction employees chat on Kraaft and our platform automatises the detection and reporting of claims to increase our client's margins. But we are developing in other industries and we want to empower any field employee who is not working behind a desk: healthcare, logistics, facility management, field sales management, etc.!

We have reached a hundred clients only 12 months after launch, and we work with Bouygues, Vinci, Veolia and other independent SMBs. We have just raised a 3M€ Seed round with European VCs so now it's time to accelerate: we want to go from 11 to 30 employees in less than a year, so join us!

What they are looking for

People who share our 4 values

🌍 Grounded

The #1 value in Kraaft is "The Field" since our mission is to address frontline employees. If you want to explore our beautiful territories, and you are curious to discover under-digitised industries, join us!

🔥 Demanding

We are looking for brilliant minds, whatever their experience or their field of specialty. We thrive for multi-functions and ambitious employees. So if you don't see the job desc of your dream, reach out and we might create the job for you!

💨 Learning machines

People who love their job, and practice continuous improvement. We should all learn from others, give feedbacks, listen to podcasts or have lunch just for the pleasure of knowledge.

💧 Collective

Humane, humorous and open minds who care about others: otherwise none of the rest is worth it! We come from different backgrounds, genders, countries, sexual orientation, but we are all part of the same family (and hopefully for years).

Good to know

  • We love taking the train to go visit our clients anywhere in France <3
  • We offer autonomy and impact to all of our team members

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