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Past and future

Their story

Their story

Kili was founded on top of the Kilimanjaro, and since its founding in 2018, it has lived up to its founding promise: one step after the other, we climb to the top. 

In the last 4 years, more than 70 people have joined us to climb better and faster. Between our offices in Europe and in the United States, welcoming our new talents is an amazing experience, as well as a worthy challenge. 

Our priority as a company is simple: put each Kilier in the best position to succeed in an honest, caring and ambitious environment.

Whether we’re working from home or going to the office everyday, we strive to help all our team members grow and succeed. This applies to the heavy duties of work, but also to the lighter part of life: we believe that excellency is created by cohesive, bonded teams. To achieve that, we organize many events throughout the year : quarterly offsites, team buildings, virtual events, Thursday drinks … that ensure our teams’ relationship is as powerful as it should be. 

It’s also essential that we remain on the same page, wherever we are in the world. To do that, our founders and executives’ main mission is to share their vision frequently through different formats, and commit to talking the talk and walking the walk with the teams everyday. 

We’re on our way, and the question is: do you want to climb up with us? 


When it all started


3 people


70 talents


Happy remote workers


Different nationalities

January 2022

Kili arrives in the US

Their vision

The success of our team and the success of Kili Technology as a company are one and the same. 

Today, we are 70+ team members working to make Kili Technology the n°1 AI training data platform. Our ambition is high, and will only be achieved if we can find the best people to join us in building our success. 

So, do you: 
 ✅ want to work in a company that allows you to become the most accomplished version of yourself? 

 ✅ want to evolve in a diverse team and learn from each other?

 ✅ want to be a cornerstone of AI, which will soon become an essential part of our digital lives? 

If so, we’d be lucky to have you. Join us! 

Their vision

Company values

As we’ve stated before, we believe success comes from people. When we say we want our team to feel accomplished, it means that every single Kilier should feel empowered to take risks and find ways to achieve success. And this is what we mean with Feedback and Care.

Curiosity is at the heart of innovation, and as an AI startup, it is in our core DNA to ask how things work, what can be improved, what can be automated, and how we can do better. 

Ambition and Unity, finally, come from the giant task that we face every day. Becoming the n°1 AI training data platform is ambitious, and the only way to achieve it is by tackling the right topics as a team. 


We are at Kili to achieve something big, but not just. We want to create a positive impact for our customers, our community, and everything that Kili touches.


Curiosity is the source of discovery, of innovation, of creativity, three things that we do not lack! The tech and AI industry moves so fast that it is our responsibility to stay curious, stay involved, and always adjust our assumptions.


People at Kili are at the center, and we believe that taking care of yourself is the utmost priority. 


We are all widely different people, but we unite under one idea: climbing to the top. Different backgrounds & cultures create different perspectives, and generate tremendous value when, like at Kili Technology, they unite towards one common goal. 


Feedback is key to learning, and learning is key to becoming your most accomplished self. We believe in sharing feedback with love, in all areas of life at Kili. 

Kili Technology