Product Owner 🕹


Product Owner 🕹

  • Indefinido 
  • Fecha de inicio:
  • Salario entre 45K € y 50K €
  • 12 rue Turgot , Paris, 75009
  • Teletrabajo a tiempo partial
  • Formación: Licenciatura / Máster
  • Experiencia: > 3 años

La empresa



  • Aplicaciones móviles, Software
  • Entre 15 y 50 empleados

La oferta

Product Owner 🕹

  • Indefinido 
  • Fecha de inicio:
  • Salario entre 45K € y 50K €
  • 12 rue Turgot , Paris, 75009

  • Teletrabajo a tiempo partial
  • Formación: Licenciatura / Máster
  • Experiencia: > 3 años

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Who are they?

Nous sommes une société nommée iFeelSmart, n’y voyez pas là une once d’arrogance, nous sommes forts gentils, et j’aime à croire que nous avons au contraire l’humilité des gens qui aiment apprendre et concevoir.
Notre occupation quotidienne dans la vie, sur jours ouvrés, c’est de concevoir des UI (interfaces utilisateurs) pour la télé, qui vous permettent donc de naviguer, zapper, enregistrer, mettre en pause, acheter, regarder un bon film ou une mauvaise émission télé (nous ne jugeons pas nos utilisateurs.)
Nous développons cette UI sur différents supports Set top box, mobile, tablette, web, Android TV, Apple TV, tamagotchi, et tout ce sur quoi on nous demanderai de fournir notre UI.
Nos clients sont de gros opérateurs internationaux et nous avons donc des millions d’utilisateurs à travers le monde.

Le milieu technique est intense, les projets multiples, nous repoussons l’ennui dans une ambiance bienveillante parce que personne n’est là pour souffrir. En revanche, tout le monde est là pour apprendre et transmettre, sinon à quoi bon.
Vous pourrez apprendre, évoluer, et vous élever dans votre domaine. Amen.

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Job description

Hi there !
If you like digital projects and would be pleased to work around services like Netflix and technologies like Apple TV and Android TV we might have a good start here.

We are currently looking for a new Product Owner to join our delivery team. As a Product Owner for iFeelSmart you will manage our products and lead projects in an international environment. Alongside very talented developers, you will acquire and sharpen your best expertise to provide our clients with the best possible products, within quality, cost and deadline requirements.


We work in a technical environment, you will mainly deal with internal and external developers, technical PM, as well as Product teams. Experience and appetite for technical area are a must.

Responsibilities :

You will support our ever-growing international projects by:

  • Managing your products backlog based on evolutive roadmap to deliver TV App and TV services.
  • Owning project execution plans and advocating the company’s engagement.
  • Interacting with internal partners & external customers before & during product deployments, acceptance and exploitation phases.
  • Coordinating and negotiating apps schedule and plan to internal/external stakeholders.
  • Creating Project documentation and ensuring cross-project documents are complete, up-to-date and stored appropriately.
  • Traveling across the world for meetings / workshops during the Product life cycle.

Preferred experience

Required technical skills

  • Expertise as Project Manager or Product Owner (planning, coordination, tasks & priority management, action plan communication and leadership…).
  • Good Technical knowledge, ability and apetite (able to read logs, pre-analyse an issue to assign it to the right team, etc…).
  • Knowledge of Software Product Life Cycle (Design, Implementation, QA, Integration, SLA).
  • Experience in Telco TV industry or video is a plus.

Required soft skills

  • Excited by challenge
  • Flexible, ability to work with various collaborators
  • Good communication skills : ability to lead and negociate
  • Efficient and pragmatic : ability to take quick initiatives for short term problem solving as well as build and settle mid-term resolution plans.
  • Culture of Delivery, result-oriented.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and French.

What we offer at iFeelSmart for such a position

  • Growing, successful, and innovative French Tech in Telco TV service & technology ecosystem.
  • Start-up spirit & related advantages : flexibility, autonomy, responsibilities, dynamic environnement with changes and room for initiatives.
  • End to End software service with concrete and visible projects.
  • International work/customer environment.
  • Possibility to work through the entire Software life cycle.
  • Acquire a solid background and methodology in the Delivery domain.
  • Evolutive job position through extended Project responsibilities.
  • Fixed + variable salary

Recruitment process

We will have a first visio call to talk about our wishes, desires, projects, environments etc
Then a second interview flesh & bone at the office
Altogether you will talk with the Director of Delivery, the HR Manager, and one of the 2 Founders.
Talk to you soon !



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