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A history based on a vision of the industry, an innovative collaborative spirit, and a committed team

A history based on a vision of the industry, an innovative collaborative spirit, and a committed team

Hesus was created thanks to Emmanuel Cazeneuve’s determination to support the construction industry through the structural changes required by urbanisation, environmental conservation, and the circular economy. Every single initiative that Hesus has launched and developed involved a spirit of innovation, backed up by best practices from the world of startups and in collaboration with all the traditional, pioneering, and/or voluntary stakeholders in the construction world. Those who joined Cazeneuve throughout the years formed a committed, ingenious, and energetic team that guarantees the functionality and quality of the solutions devised.

The challenge of more intelligent, sustainable urbanisation confronts the construction industry

The great conurbations are currently faced with three huge environmental challenges:

  • Air quality, which makes it imperative to find less polluting ways to travel; an aim inherent in the infrastructure work for the Greater Paris metro.
  • Urbanisation, and the conquest of industrial wastelands that question the methods leading to urban sprawl.
  • Short supply chains, particularly for food, which require a return to more localised agriculture. These huge challenges entail the scaling-up of building sites, generating tonnes of waste consisting of inert or contaminated soils. The construction industry is already the biggest consumer of non-renewable resources and the biggest producer of waste in France and Europe. At 260 million tonnes a year, this is five times more waste than produced by households. Currently, only 40% of this waste is recoverable.
The challenge of more intelligent, sustainable urbanisation confronts the construction industry
The manifesto

The manifesto

At Hesus, we believe that every building site, with its ambitions, difficulties, and unintended effects, represents an opportunity to change the industry’s practices and make it more economically and environmentally intelligent.

Every day, teams at Hesus aim to identify and implement ever more efficient transport and recovery solutions for waste. Its expertise in combination with its resolutely digital DNA means that our clients are guaranteed optimised management and traceability of their soils. At Hesus, all our energy and know-how goes into helping the industry’s transition to the circular economy.

Because we believe this ambition is a public duty, we are able to act as troublemakers who challenge the status quo and transcend the divisions. This is also the reason why we work collaboratively, using a bespoke digital platform, with all the industry’s stakeholders who, like us, are fighting—in a determined and pragmatic way—to make the construction industry more sustainable.

Every day at Hesus, we combine our commitment, ingenuity, and fighting spirit to strive to imagine the future of the world’s construction sites.


HESUS combines the best recovery solutions with its expertise in logistics to work with European BTP (Bâtiment et Travaux Publics construction companies) on reducing their carbon footprint and optimising the management of all their construction waste.

Operating in France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland, and Sweden, the company is growing significantly and finds itself at the crossroads of two major transitions affecting all economic players and, more broadly, society as a whole: the digital transition and the green transition.

HESUS is supported by its digital platform, Hesus Store, and focusses on the circular economy: the innovative, responsible, and optimised management of construction companies’ waste and excavation materials.

What they are looking for

HESUS seeks committed, passionate employees who are entrepreneurs at heart, and able to support construction companies in their digital and environmental transformation. HESUS particularly seeks to recruit people with diverse profiles and, while experience in construction is a plus, the company is also looking for other dynamic profiles, people who have a deep desire to join an ambitious and environmentally centred business with a strong social impact. HESUS is especially interested in recruiting IT specialists, Sales staff with construction company experience, and Logistics and Operations professionals.

Good to know

Working life:

  • Flexible working with the possibility of working from home from the very beginning
  • A new head office with innovative spaces: ‘Calmspace’, and ‘Creativity’ for specific intellectual work, upcycled furniture, and a welcoming ambiance make for comfortable and inspiring surroundings
  • Osteopathy and massage sessions are regularly offered to employees who are based at the head office or just passing through
  • All Paris region transport fares are covered in full
  • The Hesus Academy supports employees’ development throughout their career and offers flexible and innovative training schemes

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