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After engineering studies combining Tech and City planning, Laurène wanted to take part in a meaningful digital transformation project in the construction industry.

At Graneet, she gets to work directly with users while also taking part in the digital strategies of construction companies. As part of the Customer Success (CS) team, she takes care of all clients, whether they are beginners or advanced users. This includes customer onboarding, customer support and of course, making sure that users are happy with Graneet.

As a no-code enthusiast, she can't keep herself from automating everything !

During his studies, Jean-Gabriel focused himself on entrepreneurship and joined a Venture Capital fund to understand the mechanisms of innovation funding. When the VC fund invested in Kantox, a Barcelona-based Fintech, he joined them as an early employee and discovered the operational aspects of building a company. For 5 years there, he built their Product team from scratch after a start in Sales and Business Development.

Because his family works in the construction industry, he noticed the struggles that construction SMEs encounter and co-founded Graneet in 2020 with Enzo, whom he met at Kantox, and Raphaël.

Aside from Graneet he enjoys reading, running and spending time with friends.

As a kid, Enzo was passionate about LEGO and had always wanted to take part in big construction projects such as the Viaduc de Millau. After his engineering studies, he joined a start-up as the first employee, and stayed until the company went bankrupt. A snapshot of what happens behind the scenes in the 🦄 factory !

He then naturally embarked on the Graneet adventure in order to simplify the life of SMEs in the construction industry and to help them through their digital transformation process. His role is to make sure that Graneet meets the needs of its customers by delivering the best possible user experience.

He is a football and biking enthusiast in his free time !

From a young age, Raphaël has always asked the question : "How does it work ?". Naturally, he took an interest in IT and then web development became a passion from the age of 12.

Thanks to his engineering studies, during which he was very involved in various student associations, and to his past 3 years of experience in startups, mostly in Fintech, he is well equipped to create a relevant, healthy and robust Tech ecosystem, both for the digital solution and for the developers who build it.

It is not uncommon to see him fidget in his chair following the rhythm of electro / techno music !

During her studies, Victoria discovered the Human Resources function and realized that the most valuable asset of companies stand in the talents. She worked in various large international companies on recruitment and international HR development for 10 years before joining Graneet’s adventure. Working at Graneet is an opportunity for her to be closer to the teams but also to the business issues. Outside of the office, Victoria spends her time going out with friends and enjoying good restaurants!

Meriem graduated from an engineering school in Tunisia. She is a fan of Hackathons and winner of several challenges. She decided to join Graneet to explore a new international opportunity and do her internship. Finding her ideal work environment, she decided to continue the adventure with us as a Fullstack Developer.

Before joining Graneet, Thibaud graduated from a business school and had an entrepreneurial experience with friends in the organization and sound of private events - he combined his attraction for events with his desire to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure! It was also on this occasion that he had his first experience in sales and management. He joined Graneet to support the commercial development of the solution as a business developer.

Before joining Graneet, Herbert had a first career in trade show organization. He started in the operational field and ended up as Deputy Director of a Business Unit of a large company. He created his startup in the tourism sector. The activity was interrupted with the arrival of Covid and he joined the Graneet adventure as business developer and took responsability of the team in June 2022. Herbert is a soccer fan, he loves the OM even if he lives in Paris and he regularly practices climbing.

Cyril is passionate about code ! He started as a teenager in his bedroom and he graduated from an engineering school specialized in computer development. He has a rich background that mixes lead dev jobs in different startups but he also had the opportunity to start his own business. He joined Graneet as a Lead Developer and helps build the team and develop the solution. In his spare time, Cyril is a motorcycle fan, as well as a music fan. He listens to everything, especially when he needs to concentrate. Don't be afraid of his tattoos, behind it Cyril is a very nice person !


The construction industry is composed of a majority of SMEs that build our cities. In spite of the very important work they do, these SMEs operate with very thin margins and often struggle financially : they have to provide work and pay for materials upfront, face fierce competition and get paid late, to such extent that 10.000 of them go bankrupt every year in France alone.

The financial management of construction projects is very complicated and yet, 70% of SMEs in the construction industry still use Excel to manage their business ! 🤯

Graneet aims to help construction SMEs improve their financial management and boost their margins by giving them access to visibility and transparency on their business, in real time.

In practice, their clients use Graneet to create and follow up on their quotes, generate and control their invoices, and monitor their margin in real time. They recover a peaceful management of their construction projets by accessing dashboards that display all the key indicators of their business and by collaborating with their entire team within the same platform. 🙌

Graneet addresses 100.000 companies in France only, and will expand to Europe where construction SMEs face the same issues. 🇪🇺

What they are looking for

You will be joining the company at the beginning of its history ! Graneet is looking for talents who wish to embark for the long run on an ambitious project driven by a team of passionate people. More than your resume, what matters to them is that the shared values of the team resonate with you, as they are part of the day to day life at Graneet :

  • Kindness : "I interact with others in an understanding and sympathetic manner. I look at others' work with a positive outlook by default."
  • Curiosity : "I am always looking for ways to become better through creativity and sharing with others."
  • Energy : "I take ownership of my missions and take initiatives."
  • Transparency : "I am honest in conducting my missions and I communicate frankly."
  • Rigor : "I work diligently and am proud of my results."

Good to know

  • Great independence and empowerment, regardless of the position
  • Individual guidance with weekly 1-to-1 meetings 📅
  • Offices in a former artist studio in the heart of Paris, close to the Place de la République, with a terrace 🤩
  • Flexible working conditions : remote work is possible and working hours are flexible
  • Every employee is a Graneet shareholder through stock options 📈
  • On-demand access to training courses to help you improve your skills

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