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The construction sector is largely made up of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that do essential work in building and renovating our cities. Despite this, these SMBs have to operate with sometimes very low margins and often face financial difficulties. As a result, over 10,000 construction companies go bankrupt every year.

Graneet is a SaaS that aims to help SMBs in the building and civil engineering sector protect their profitability by enabling them to drive their business by margin, in real time. 📈

Today, Graneet supports over 500 companies, and they're delighted.

With more than €10million fundraised, Graneet is giving itself the means to meet their ambitions for 2024: triple their revenue in order to strenghten their presence on the French market and soon become the global platform for SMBs in the construction industry. 🏗️

What they are looking for

You'll be joining Graneet, which is in the midst of a scale-up phase and is looking for profiles who dare to discover the world of construction, to help SMBs in the sector ensure their long-term survival!

Culture fit at Graneet is essential and they pay particular attention to matching their values throughout the process.

💡 Graneet regularly recruits in :

  • Sales to help us triple our revenue by 2024.
  • Customer Success Management to provide our customers with the best solutions.

Good to know

Onboarding @Graneet

When you arrive at Graneet, you'll have access to a knowledge management program (Notion), including two weeks of workshops to give you a 360° view of the company, as well as a construction site visit to raise your awareness of their customer issues.

What awaits you if you join 🚀

Salary policy and developments

  • Each job has its own salary scale. The grids are reviewed once a year by benchmarking the market via Figures. Thanks to this tool, they can be sure of paying better than 60% of companies on the market!
  • Their commitment is to ensure that you are in the grid for your job and level.
  • Your annual review has a direct impact on your salary increase!
  • Stock options: it's important to them to involve everyone in the company's collective success!

Life @Graneet

  • A flexible telecommuting policy: Hybrid (2 days/week + two weeks a year wherever you want) and full remote only for Techs. They have great offices in the heart of Paris Patchwork République.
  • Two offsites a year, so they can get together for 3 days to share moments together, with a very rich team life that doesn't just rely on the People initiative!

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