Gouach is an impact startup 🤜 that designs and produce 100% repairable and connected electric batteries to make e-mobility 🚲 even more environmentally-friendly 🌍. Gouach lithium-ion batteries contain no soldering, glue, or wires, making them safely and easily repairable in less than 10 minutes, without specialized tools. Their connectivity allows to continuously improve the sustainability and the longevity of the batteries.

What they are looking for

Gouach is looking for dedicated people who want to flourish personally while sharing the team mission. Gouach employees want to learn and make progress on their knowledge and skills every day. They are convinced that good engineering, design, and communication can make the world more resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Their values include:

  • trust and autonoly
  • creativity
  • having a hacker / builder-mindset

Good to know

Most of the team arrives to work on bikes and e-scooters equipped with the sustainable Gouach batteries, which makes us dog-food our own product and puts some pressure on us when shipping new software 😅!

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