Past and future

Their story

Their story

Foxintelligence was created in 2016. Edouard Natté, our CEO, thought the e-commerce area was too opaque and was sorely lacking data-sharing for a great number of companies. 

After being supported by investors, (17 million from Daphni, Partech, GFC and, eFounders) we have been integrated in 2021 into the NielsenIQ group. 


Invention of IMAP (Interactive Mail Access Protocol)


Launching of CleanFox giving power over inboxes


One million users on CleanFox.


Acquisition by the company that invented the "Market Share"


First market sales share in France


First international clients

Their vision

In the future, 100% of digital brands (online sellers) will start their Monday brief with a screenshot of their past week's performances, at a consumer level. 

Today, transactions are increasingly happening online, and consumers are more and more in total control of those transactions.

Thanks to those, e-tickets, we are helping our clients to have a better knowledge of their consumers and their e-commerce market.

We want to make our consumer database grow, within more countries in order to go always furthest, in the accuracy of the delivery and information for our clients

Their vision

Company values

We are thinking that those ideas are basic elements of our ecosystem that we have to value and promote. They are not existing only at Foxintelligence, but we are pleased to find them in our talents and other organizations, they are the pillars of our vision. 

Everyone is a data lover We are persuaded that everybody is naturally curious and has (at times, hidden) a passion for data. Data is a cornerstone of information, and information is the way we are connecting together and understand the world.  It is the first step of every decision made. Sometimes, this could be intimidating, but we are believing that we can all (re)fall in love with Data.

Data Privacy is a right Privacy is no option. We should not have to be the product to benefit from good services. We believe that privacy is a right for every individual. We also understand that private life can be relative (what is acceptable for some, can be unbearable for others). Privacy is very personal, and, like very personal aspects of our life, we should have the entire control. 

Climate change matters Companies and individuals are not supposed to be climate change militants, though, companies and individuals cannot ignore climate change and cannot refuse to take actions (even small) to make our world a better place.

Different people have different visions and dreams We are proud of what we are doing and who we are, but we also believe that people have various ways of thinking, different beliefs, and dreams, that we all deeply respect. We also know that we don't know everything, far from it, and not only do we respect others' opinions, but we also celebrate expertise and diversity. 

Move Fast (Rapidité)

We are acting fast to build, iterate and converge quicker to better solutions. We have to try and make mistakes to be perfect and we accept mistakes as an integral part of our execution process.

Better Everyday (Exigence)

We see big and we are not settling up for the status quo to realize our ambitions. We are going beyond to succeed.

Make it clear (Transparence)

Transparency is essential. We communicate internally and externally with honesty and respect. Transparency is an ongoing effort and is necessary to empower everyone, through self-knowledge and self-awareness.

Help and care (Bienveillance)

Trust is earned. We are striving to earn it through actions and not through words. We help our clients and partners as much as we can, and we take care of our Foxies. The question "could you help me?" is only one answer possible: "Yes".

Commitments and CSR

Ecology is a subject that concerns us all. At Foxintelligence, we are convinced that it is also up to us to raise awareness and provide training on social and climate issues.

  • The Climate Fresco is an integral part of our onboarding process, each new employee will be invited to participate.
  • We pay attention to the choice of our suppliers, (organic and local fruits, recycling bins, etc)
  • We work with Vendredi application and offer 4 days per year to each employee to volunteer 
  • We organize cultural events on awareness topics (LGBTQ+, equal opportunities, parity, etc)
  • To avoid overpacking, Tupperware boxes are available for lunch, as well as sauces, dressings, and cutlery
  • Other partnerships are in place: Trust Society, Frichti, etc...


Every person who joins Foxintelligence will be invited to participate in the Climate Mural. We have a group of people trained internally. There is a 3-hour slot scheduled each month to raise awareness of climate issues.