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FFYN's ambition is to transform the way Asset Managers and professional Investors work together. FFYN wants to bring this B2B activity into the era of the 21st century by providing a user experience at the cutting edge of the current technology.

FFYN works directly with a wide variety of users (from large global groups to entrepreneurial stores) and makes customer satisfaction a priority by adapting the platform according to customer feedback.

Founded two years ago, FFYN is constantly evolving in terms of team growing as well as business development and implementation of new features. Working in AGILE mode, you are dealing with a friendly team, made up of experts in their field.

Today, it is a solid start-up which benefits from a reference shareholder, a leading global group in Europe who offers stability and credibility . The platform was officially launched in June 2019 and the success is there: membership of renowned clients, recognition by the sector with the presentation of various awards or labels, the growing team, ... & it’s just the beginning!

What they are looking for

Within FFYN, development intensifies. The platform tends to become a benchmark for its market. They are looking for collaborators who help them growing while enriching themselves. They recruit talented, curious and passionate people who thrive in a dynamic environment.

Good to know

  • No need to be an expert in finance. FFYN above all, helps its users to be more efficient in their interactions.
  • FFYN is located in the center of Paris and the team likes to go out at lunchtime (and in the evening too :-)
  • The office is friendly, you’ll be happy to benefit from the bicycle parking to the coffee machine through the giant interactive screens Kindness, collaboration, agility are natural principles within the team

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