Golang Engineering Manager
Europcar Mobility Group

Europcar Mobility Group

Golang Engineering Manager

  • Indefinido 
  • Paris
  • > 2 años

La empresa

Europcar Mobility Group

Europcar Mobility Group

  • Movilidad
  • > 2000 empleados

La oferta

Golang Engineering Manager

  • Indefinido 
  • Paris
  • > 2 años

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Who are they?

Europcar Mobility Group est l’un des principaux acteurs du secteur de la mobilité et est une société cotée sur Euronext Paris.

Elle a pour mission d’être la « mobility service company » préférée des clients, en offrant des solutions alternatives attractives à la possession de véhicules, avec une large palette de services de mobilité : location de véhicules, services chauffeur, auto-partage (carsharing), scooter-partage.

La satisfaction des clients est au cœur de la mission du groupe et de l’ensemble de ses collaborateurs et cet engagement vient nourrir le développement permanent de nouveaux services.

Europcar Mobility Group opère à travers différentes marques pour répondre aux besoins spécifiques de chaque client ; ses 4 marques majeures étant :

  • Europcar® - le leader Européen de la location de véhicules,
  • Goldcar® - la plus importante société de location de véhicules low-cost en Europe,
  • InterRent® – marque « mid tier » à destination des clients loisirs
  • Ubeeqo® – leader européen du car-sharing (BtoB, BtoC).

Europcar Mobility Group propose ses différentes solutions et services de mobilité dans le monde à travers un vaste réseau dans 140 pays (incluant 20 filiales en propre en Europe et 2 en Australie et Nouvelle Zélande, des franchisés et des partenaires).

Plus d’informations sur: www.europcar-mobility-group.com

Europcar Mobility Group
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Job description

Reporting to the Head of Backend Engineering within the Product & Tech direction, your main objective is: to Focus Engineering Evolution & Quality on the Community Of Practice (COP) + Engineers growth.


Technical responsibilities 

  • Work with the COP to define and implement best practices, standards, and procedures for ensuring an optimal balance between engineering excellence and delivery performance.
  • Define, give visibility and follow up on engineering quality metrics and push the COP towards engineering excellence
  • Ensure that COP is following code review practices and strive towards collective code ownership and keeping technical debt to a minimum.
  • Ensure that the COP is following the best testing strategies and there are no regressions on the code coverage percentage.
  • CODE! Collaborate in horizontal components, tooling and help wherever possible.

Management/People responsibilities

  • Be servant leaders to COP (Community of Practice).
  • Approve knowledge training for his community stack.
  • Guide and follow up on career movements for engineers.
  • Leading the hiring process, ensuring that only the best talent (attitude + tech skills) join your teams.
  • Keep constant contact with the engineers to assess their company and team engagement and take actions when needed.
  • Have frequent communication with Squad TL, PO and TTL to get engineers performance feedback and keep an updated understanding of the developer context.
  • Have salary conversations with developers framed on the group HR policy.
  • Set aligned qualitative OKR for the COP (to be done with the COP team).
  • Work with TTL to ensure that Squad Tech leads are serving the squad and driving deliveries.

Preferred experience


Previous experience 

  • At least 6 years of backend development experience
  • At least 2 years managing people for example as a Tech Lead
  • Development experience in Go is a plus
  • Good knowledge of some the following technologies: Git, Sonar, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience with TDD, ATDD, BDD
  • Experience with CI/CD systems (Gitlab-ci /Jenkins)
  • A first experience within an international environment would be a plus
  • Understanding of microservices, REST and event-driven architectures
  • Knowledge of Kafka, Redis and/or MongoDB is a plus
  • Working in a collaborative team environment using tools like JIRA (is a plus) and Git (mandatory)

Education level / certificates

  • Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in IT or related fields 


  • Written and verbal proficiency in English

Computer skills and software used

  • Google’s Office suite

Personal characteristics

  • Proactivity on technical solutions and its improvements
  • Honesty and engagement values
  • Creative force
  • Capacity to audit, analyse and recommend
  • Good communication skills
  • Teamwork mindset
Europcar Mobility Group

Europcar Mobility Group

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