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Since the creation of the company in 2007, Dolead have set the ambition to be one of the main players in Martech in Europe by continuously innovating on how to boost Advertisers’ campaign performance when facing lead generation budgets.

The formula? Dolead provides a paid marketing technology generating ready to sell leads on a performance basis at scale. This unique cutting edge technology boost advertisers growth while controlling their acquisition costs. The secret ingredients? 10 years of “poc and scale” and “data wins arguments” relaying on a strong research and development Lab.

Dolead's technology has attracted customers and investors. Used each month by more than 350 customers and awarded by technical partners (Google Adwords, Bing Ads etc.), the company raised $15 million in June 2018!

Encouraged by this confidence, the adventure is now becoming international. Dolead just opened a US office in Boston and will continue to develop in Europe, especially in Paris, Madrid, Milan and London. Currently 60 employees, Dolead is awaiting 20 additional talents among the team by the end of June 2019!

Dolead is above all an international and dynamic team of hard working people, with a strong start-up culture and values.

You've heard of Start-ups that Scale up! You could be part of this great adventure!

What they are looking for

Dolead is looking for engaged, dynamic and humorous people :)

Dolead in 6 adjectives:

  • Dynamic
  • Open minded
  • Lean
  • Expert
  • Agile
  • Disruptive

Good to know

Dolead's culture?

  • A team night every month (Tapas, Cheese & Wine and so much more!)
  • The Gong! 1 shot on the Gong = 1 client appointment, 2 shots on the Gong = 1 client signed!
  • Foosball competitions and surprise Nerf-Attacks
  • A great autonomy to carry out the missions entrusted

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