Dioxycle is working on hot science for a cooler world! After 5 years of academic research (Cambridge, Collège de France, Stanford), Dioxycle's founding team has settled in France (where electricity is decarbonized) to scale-up their electrolysis technology that turns CO2 intro useful fuels and chemicals. The goal: integrate these technologies on industrial sites to help decarbonize industry in an economically viable manner. Dioxycle has just been selected as part of the inaugural cohort of the Breakthrough Energy Fellows program, founded by Bill Gates! And are proud to represent Europe among the 9 selected climate techs.

What they are looking for

Business: Dioxycle is looking for forward-looking business profiles to invent tomorrow's carbon capture and utilization business model and best incentivize the world to get their sh** together and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Tech: They are also (and always) looking for bold/creative scientists/engineers (in chemistry, mechanics and software/physics modelling) to join the different teams working on each block of their technology.

Industrialization: As the scale is getting serious, they are also looking for industrial experts to contribute to the scaling and integration of their technology fast as possible!

Good to know

At Dioxycle, we love builders and passionate people!

Half of the team is British with the particular sense of humor...

Dioxycle's technology has been awarded National i-Lab innovation prize in 2020 and international Breakthrough Energy Fellows grant in 2021.

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