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The Coddy team is currently composed of 5 people with various profiles (development, marketing, content creation). We are mainly French-speaking, but we all speak English and want to internationalize and diversify the team. Any language in addition to English will be an asset.

Be yourself! We are looking to create a diverse and inclusive team :)


Employee breakdown

  • Tech


  • Comm & Marketing


  • Contents


Product team

The "Product" team is in charge of creating the games and scenarios. The Content Creators deploy the scenarios remotely in the cities according to the strategic roadmap. This team is also responsible for quality, satisfaction and customer support. In addition to scenario creation, they also manage translations, illustrations and the creation of specific content.

Our challenge is to remotely create engaging gaming experiences across Europe with a strong local footprint.

Didier, C3PO & Co-founder

By remotely exploring the cities, we can create observation riddles that allow us to closely link the physical elements of the cities to our scenarios in order to offer immersive experiences connected to the places visited.

Paul, Content creator

Our mission is to offer unique experiences to each adventurer by being easily accessible thanks to multiple distribution channels and the availability of our games in 7 languages.

Carole, Tourism intern

MArketing & Sale team

The "Marketing & Sales" team is responsible for promoting and selling the games in the different communication and sales channels.

Understanding the deep motivations of our players, spotting the weak signals of our customers and identifying the next successful cities will be our challenges for 2022.

Sebastien , CEO & Cofounder

Gathering a multicultural team will allow us to strengthen the languages available for our games but also our communication and marketing in the countries we aim to conquer in 2022.

Estelle, Communication manager

Equipe Tech

« Nous développons nos outils en interne, ce qui nous permet de leur apporter une amélioration continue et de les adapter en fonction des besoins de l'équipe. Nous proposons de nouvelles fonctionnalités aux clients en fonction des idées des scénaristes, du retour des utilisateurs et des évolutions technologiques. »

Stéphane, CTO & Co-founder

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