Account Manager - French Market

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Account Manager - French Market

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  • Barcelona

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À propos

BYHOURS is the first and only international online booking platform and App that allows you to book microstays in more than 3000 hotels for 3, 6 or 12 hours throughout Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

This innovative startup introduces the first pay-per-use system in the hotel sector, which allows customers to choose the hotel check-in and check-out time, and pay only for the hours they need.

Descriptif du poste

What will you do
We are looking for people who have knowledge about the culture, nature of the suppliers (hoteliers) and about contractual processes in Germany.. We need you to master the linguistic jargon of both the industry and the market.
We look for leaders with strong communication and negotiation skills, high knowledge of the hotel sector and preferably native of the working area.

You will be focused on
● Analyze the market and identify possible potential suppliers with which to close agreements and thus
increase the company’s product portfolio.
● Carry out the first contacts with potential suppliers detected in the the French Market.
● Recruitment and management of new hotels and constant follow up via telephone.
● Share with your acquired hotels the values, vision and mission of BYHOURS.
● Create and consolidate solid relationships with hotels and solve all their doubts regarding our business
● Generate feedback: identify any possible problem in the defined sales strategy (either at a technical or
cultural level) and propose constant improvements.
● Be creative negotiating and persevering in all telephone conversations.
● Contribute in the fulfillment of the objectives of the department in number of hotels to be acquired. (We
always achieve our monthly goals, we like to call ourselves winners!).
● Having good fluid communication skills at an interdepartmental level, working as a team is fundamental
in this department.
● Maintain close commercial relations with large hotel accounts to facilitate the entry of new partner
● Prepare reports for market suppliers to work.

Profil recherché

You must be good at
● Fluent in French (another language will be beneficial).
● Have a minimum of 2 years of commercial experience.
● Have an excellent speech (via telephone) and strong communication attitude.
● Have high analytical capacity.
● Immediate incorporation.

Nice to have
● Courageous: willingness to take risks and act in an innovative way; confidence or courage.
● Adaptive: have the ability to easily change according to the situation.
● Team Player: have the ability to work in a team and in a correct and reasonable manner.
● Innovative: present new original and creative ideas.
● Committed: willing to give your time and energy to something you believe in.
● Achievers: a person who seeks to a high or specific level of success.
● Saleborn personality.
● Excellent communication skills
● Excellent negotiation skills(we will check it!).
● Ability to solve problems quickly (think out of a box).
● Proactive and goal oriented.
● Ability to work in a young international team.
● Passionate about the tourism industry.

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Account Manager - French Market

  • Indefinido 
  • Fecha de inicio:  
  • Barcelona
  • Sin estudios superiores
  • > 6 meses
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