Aplicaciones móviles, Ciberseguridad, Inteligencia artificial/Aprendizaje automático, Objetos conectados

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Hong Kong, Laguna / Manila, Shanghai, Varsovie


Baracoda holds a shared vision of accessible Daily Healthtech, working to embed healthy practices in peoples’ routines, rendering them smart and enduring thanks to modern technology and data-driven design. They aim to develop a “smart bathroom” ecosystem, inspired by a global need for preventative healthcare.

Their work merges connected tech with everyday objects; leveraging artificial intelligence, data analysis, machine learning, application development, as well as gamification of each product. Starting from conception in the BLabs incubator – providing all the resources necessary to grow projects to reach their full potential – Baracoda builds launch opportunities in collaboration with some of the world’s leading companies.

Baracoda has a unique approach to innovation that has won them eight CES awards and tons of media recognition. The company’s dedication to mastering new tech and building skill sets has made for a team of engineers who are renowned in the tech sector. Today, with a presence that’s expanding around the world, it’s the perfect time to get involved in the future of Baracoda and the implementation of a Daily Healthtech ecosystem.

What they are looking for

Baracoda’s team is always growing and relies on developers, engineers, product managers and marketing professionals to push the industry towards a goal of democratizing Daily Healthtech. With a well-defined culture of intrapreneurship and curiosity, Baracoda is looking to scale its community, while maintaining a human size and startup mentality.

With offices in three continents and collaborators sourced from all over the world, Baracoda lets its talent work alongside some of the most driven technology builders & buffs in the industry.

Good to know

  • Baracoda has managed to strike a perfect balance between remote work and office-space accessibility. That being said, the company offers the technology, communication software and travel opportunities necessary to spread its dynamic, inclusive office culture to remote workers worldwide.
  • Collaborators throughout the organization are entitled to a half day of educational training each month, subsidized by the company and in the field of their choice.
  • Regular events give team members the chance to all get together and discuss new and exciting projects. The entrepreneurial spirit in these meetups means that everyone can collaborate on projects from throughout the company.

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