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The Apriciteam is divided into 5 categories: Care & Medical, Tech & AI, Product, Marketing and Business & Admin

  • Care & Medical and Marketing are based in London
  • Tech & AI and Product are based in Paris
  • The Business & Admin team is split between Paris and London

The Care & Medical team includes fertility advisors, nurses and doctors who support our patients 7/7. Our Tech & AI team develop the mobile app to communicate with our patients, our internal patient management system and our data analysis algorithms. The marketing team works with corporates as well as individuals.

Employee breakdown

  • Care & Medical


  • Tech & AI


  • Marketing


  • Business & Admin


  • Product


Business Team

Apricity was co-founded by Caroline Noublanche (CEO) and Andrew Berkley (COO) who are part of the business & admin team. Their goal is to make the Apricity family grow fast and steadily in order to help as many future parents as possible conceive with less stress and more success.

At Apricity, we have the coolest mission you could possibly imagine: we help women and couples to have babies!

Caroline, CEO

Care Team

The Care team is made of fertility advisors, nurses and doctors who support our patients through all their journey with Apricity. The communication between this team and the patients is 7/7 thanks to the mobile app, it also provides certified content to future parents on the medication, the journey and the procedures they undergo.

Everyone here is really passionate about what we do, that's why it's so great to be part of this team

Sarah, Fertility advisor

Tech Team

Our tech team develops 3 main bricks: the Apricity mobile app, our internal patient management system and a clean & organized database to follow each of our patients and provide them with the best possible service.

It's important for our tech team to constantly develop new features with the latest technologies, which makes our work a challenge at all times

Pauline, Team Lead Developer

AI Team

Our AI team develops cutting-edge algorithms using our partner's data as well as our own live data. Its goal is to maximize IVF success rates thanks to thorough data analysis.

I joined Apricity because it is a fast-growing company with international ambitions

Timothy, Data scientist