Anne-Sophie has been working in the digital marketing for over 10 years with work experience in both client and agency side. After several international experiences in B2B companies, she has first specialzed in project management, then inbound marketing and lead generation. She joined api.video team to build the first worldwide video backbone!

After graduating as an Expert in Computer Science and Information System (Master II) in 2015, Anthony began to work as a software developer in the automotive e-commerce sector before rapidly evolving towards Cloud and Telecom universe within a local operator to help them obtain ASIP Santé certification to become one of the first Cloud Provider allowed to host personal health data. He also worked in the healthcare sector before joining the api.video team as CTO.

After 4 years in the e-learning field, Maria started working as Account Executive in the online video industry. She has integrated api.video since its creation to help the team increase sales.

Empathy and problem solving are her valuable skills to help users to adopt the API and build innovative projects around videos.


api.video is building the first backbone of video in a video first world. Video is complex (hosting capacity, worldwide delivery, huge amount of data on how users are interacting with each video and more) : api.video is helping developers around the world to add the video component into their existing tool. api.video is a web-service allowing users to easily integrate video into any app, software or platform. In just three lines of code, users can upload and share videos, live or on-demand.

Started in 2019, api.video focuses on a mission to make video available to everyone.

What they are looking for

api.video is looking for people passionate about this unavoidable wave that is video. People that strongly believe in the power of video communication. People that have a will to learn constantly but teach to others too. People who are not afraid to make mistakes, who can take risks to reach their goals. The office is based in Bordeaux but the team is worldwide, that's why api.video is looking for people who thrive in international contexts and embrace their culture and values.

In the technical team, they tackle the toughest of video challenges, are working on ultra low latency and make the API the easiest and fastest possible for developers to integrate.

Good to know

At api.video, there are regular Arcade battles during lunch break. We will stream the contests soon :)

The team is spread across Europe and US, we gather once a year for a team building somewhere in Europe to share the company results and strengthen the team bond.

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