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Ankorstore is changing the way independent wholesalers do business

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Ankorstore is changing the way independent brands and retailers do business.

With decades of experience in retail and building marketplaces, the Ankorstore founding team knew it was time to build a global wholesale solution to swing the balance in favor of independents. In founding Ankorstore in 2019, they set the goal to create a virtuous ecosystem at the service of independent shops and brands.

What they are looking for

At Ankorstore, one of their common threads is that the team is very ambitious. Their aim is to help you strive for greater and grow and develop. You will have the opportunity to grow in your role, get a promotion, move locally or internationally. They want to unleash the talent across their team and encourage continual growth. The Ankorstore team has an entrepreneurial mindset and they love when their teams take big risks and make radical choices to contribute further to their mission.

Good to know

They’re the largest (and fastest growing!) community of independent brands and retailers across Europe. Their team reflects that diversity with representation from 45+ nationalities already.

They were global from day 1 and their teams are based across Europe and the UK, coming from everywhere in the world! They have hub offices in major cities and their team spans the continent, just like their brands and retailers. They’re just getting started and look forward to expanding even wider!

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