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Olivier belongs to the generation of entrepreneurs considered to be the precursors of French "Tech". Indeed, between 2003 and 2010, Olivier co-founded Airtist, which can be considered the pioneer of online music listening platforms, earlier even than Deezer and Spotify. In 2010, the Airtist model evolved into a B2B model which gave birth to Teads, which in eight years became the global leader in online video advertising.

He is now launching a new Aive project in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Video and Creativity, which sets itself the ambition of revolutionizing the large scale creation and distribution of videos.

Laetitia discovered programming in Montreal, one of the "Tech" capitals of the world. While in Montreal she was also a mentor to the "Ladies Learning Code" association, an association that encourages women to learn coding, in which Aive is particularly interested.

After a few years spent on the other side of the Atlantic in the development of interfaces for large accounts, she is now Senior Front-end in the Aive "technical" team in Montpellier, a city that we introduce today as the capital of French California, also known for its southern mildness (300 days of sunshine per year).

With a background in biostatistics and bioinformatics and allied to his thesis in modeling complex systems, he now aspires to implement the latest “Data Science” innovations to fields such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Visual Composition Analysis (VCA).

At Aive, he contributes greatly to the success of our creative video AI, as well as to its large scale deployment. At the same time, he is very involved in the Montpellier “Tech” community as a member of the “Montpellier Tech Hub” office and organizes the Montpellier Big Data Science “Meet-Up”, thus embodying the strong “employer brand” policy and enhancing the expertise of the employees.

Rudy launched his first successful start-up company, Soonnight, during his engineering studies. Building on this successful experience, he participated in the launch and accompanied numerous large scale entrepreneurial projects such as Teads, Keyfetch, or Adyoulike.

In addition, he is a Board Member of several start-ups, always with the aim of sharing his experience and expertise, because sharing is one of his core values. It is also one of the main values at Aive, which dictates his daily mission as co-founder and CEO, to translate into reality the transition from a vision to a technological tool with the capacity to revolutionize the video sector.

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Aive, creative artificial intelligence technology specializing in video for brands is looking to unleash their creativity.

Its objective is to automate the video post-production (format, duration, personalization, etc.) as well as their distribution (centralized ad serving, unified data, audit reporting, etc.).

Video post-production cost and time are thus optimized, while guaranteeing the diffusion context for an enhanced video experience.

What they are looking for

Aive values people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. What is important for its founders above all is the desire to share and develop their team skills.

Its co-founders are proud of the talents they have brought together to form a team that shares strong values and a culture of responsibility. Aive is looking for talented, knowledge-hungry and energetic talent to join the adventure.

It is developing rapidly and it is looking for new collaborators to join the adventure, and in particular in the R&D teams (Data Scientist, Back-end, Site Reliability Engineering, etc.).

Good to know

The Aive co-founders are the original co-founders of Teads, now the global leader in video advertising, acquired by Altice in 2017 for $304M. This success bears testimony to their excellence and demonstrates an ability to carry out large-scale entrepreneurial projects. Together, let's create something legendary in video!

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