Remote Mode – Activated

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13 nov 2019

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Remote Mode – Activated
Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik

Barcelona-based journalist, author, and sustainability consultant

Barcelona is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s hotspots for remote workers. The city’s culture, affordability, and—let’s face it—glorious sunshine, as well as its council’s intensive efforts to transform the city into a hub for tech and innovation, have attracted talent from across the world. Today, Barcelona is the European city with the most coworking spaces per square meters, with more than 300 facilities spread throughout the city!

If you’re planning on using your computer and working in Barcelona for more than three months, you’ll need to get yourself set up. Brace yourself, because the bureaucracy will intimidate even the most fearless. If you’re working remotely for companies based abroad, you’ll need to get your empadronamiento (registration) from your local town hall, and an NIE (foreign identity number, also required to open a bank account). If you’re working as a freelancer for a local company, you’ll also need to get yourself set up as an autónomo (self-employed person). Yep, just that. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals will also need a freelance visa and/or residence permit.

Looking for a cozy place to work remotely? Here are our top coworking spaces in town.

image MOB, Eixample, Carrer de Bailen, 11

image MOB, Eixample, Carrer de Bailen, 11

MOB – Makers of Barcelona

Monday-Friday, 9 AM-8 PM; from €15 a day, from €65 a month
Located inside a former textile factory, MOB Bailen is one of the largest coworking sites in the city, covering more than 1,000 square meters. With a packed schedule of events, a range of packages on offer, and a loyal community, the site is an ideal hub for dynamic remote workers.The icing on the cake? Membership perks include 30 minutes of free legal services and access to a growing international coworking network.
Eixample, Carrer de Bailen, 11, 08010 Barcelona


Open 9:30-6:30pm; from €89 a month
A pioneering venture with the claim of being perhaps the oldest coworking spaces in the world, Kubik is known for its interdisciplinary nature: from film directors to photographers, journalists to architects, over one hundred professional collaborate and interact in this second home. Its facilities, spread over three floors, include a lounge, a podcast room, and a terrace.
Gracia, Carrer de Luis Antúnez, 6

image Betahaus, Gracia, Carrer de Vilafranca, 7

imageBetahaus, Gracia, Carrer de Vilafranca, 7


Open 24/7; €25 a day (Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM), from €179 a month
Located in the creative hub of Gracia, Betahaus is a space reflecting its name, operating in constant testing and improvement mode. With multiple workspaces including quiet outdoor terraces away from the hubbub of the city and a members’ café, it boasts all the perks and amenities required for productivity and imagination. Betahaus is also one of the oldest coworking spaces in Barcelona, and is part of a European-wide network. Oh, and dogs are welcome, too!
Gracia, Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, 08024 Barcelona


Open 24/7; €45 a day (Monday-Friday, 9 AM-6 PM), from €199 a month
Time to put your sunglasses on! From its 400-square-meter terrace, with its stunning view of the Sagrada Familia, to its multiple chill-out areas, Aticco Urquinaona ranks among the most sizable and well-equipped workspaces in the city. Highlights include a gym, showers, and an in-house cafe. You won’t have any excuse to skip your workout sesh.
Urquinaona, Ronda de Sant Pere, 52, 08010 Barcelona


24/7 access (for members only); from €20 per day; €60 a week; €165 a month
An old reconverted factory, today Garden is part co-working office, part atelier. It is known for its own online store, stocked by the crafts of artists working in the space. Includes an outdoor terrace, a ping pong table, and spaces to organise meetings and exhibitions.
Gracia, Carrer de Planeta 12

image Nest City Lab, Poblenou, Carrer d’Alaba, 100

Nest City Lab

Monday-Friday, 8.30 AM-9 PM; €17 per day, from €147 a month
A beautiful, green, and epicurean delight of a working space in the heart of the @22 district, offering a fresh approach to coworking. Featuring a vegetarian kitchen laboratory, a mindfulness space, an edible permaculture forest, and an urban aeroponic farm with produce used directly by the on-site chef, Nest City Lab is the perfect place to work with purpose. Launched by three French expats in 2013, originally at a site in El Born, this initiative has created an inspired community of members committed to transformative work.
Poblenou, Carrer d’Alaba, 100, 08018 Barcelona

image Apocapoc, El Born, Passatge Hort dels Velluters, 5


24/7 access (for members only); €15 per day; €195 a month
A comfortable and minimalist co-working space, with well-equipped meeting rooms and lockers, in the heart of Gracia. Its associated partners offer a range of support service, from graphic design to legal aid.
Gracia, Carrer de Sant Gabriel, 22, 08012 Barcelona

image Coco Office, Sant Antoni, Carrer de Manso, 17

image Coco Office, Sant Antoni, Carrer de Manso, 17

Coco Coffice

Monday-Friday, 9 AM-7.30 PM; €18 per day, €210 a month
Somewhere between a cocoon and an office, this relaxed space will turn work into play with tasty coffee, delicious snacks, and reasonable rates. Run by a French couple, Coco Coffice hosts regular artistic workshops and offers amenities including a meeting room, hot desks, and a buffet—who doesn’t work better with a full stomach?
Sant Antoni, Carrer de Manso, 17, 08015 Barcelona

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