Work during Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live and work. The job jungle has new rules and we’re here to help you play by them.

In this guide, you’ll find all the essential information you need to work during the Covid-19 crisis. From advice on job hunting to inspirational portraits of key workers to a break down of your rights as an employee or a freelancer to keeping up with your colleagues (remotely).

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Key information

Stay up-to-date with employment news, laws and rights during the pandemic.

Interviews & testimonials

Stories from frontline workers.

Tips for work

All the advice you need to lead a healthy and efficient work-life during the Covid-19 crisis.

Hard times demand soft skills

Adaptability, empathy, communication...the Covid-19 crisis has brought soft skills at work to the fore.


How Covid has changed certain industries and professions

"My job feels meaningless"

For those whose lives slowed down, the stark reality of employment and the meaning attached to it became an inescapable question.

Working from home...with your parents

What was meant to be a weekend has now turned into months of working while living with your folks. Here's how some are navigating this new dynamic.

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