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Wondering if you’re a good fit for the job? Discover our video series, Oh My Job, where real people-from scrum masters to CFOs to account managers-talk about their daily life at work. Find all the necessary information you need-job tasks, salary range, career progression-before you select your profession.

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Back-end Developer

Back-end developers are in charge of the entire technical side of a product—everything that users do not see when they are on an app or the internet.


A CFO manages a company's cash flow, debt, and fiscal analysis. CFOS report their figures to executives and suggest strategies for financing plans.


A copywriter’s job is to come up with ad ideas for different types of media and the words that best express these ideas.

IT Consultant

An information technology consultant, also known as an IT consultant, helps businesses create value and optimize their performance through technology.

Front-End Developer

Front-end developers write the UI code for websites and applications. They take care of the way a user interacts with a site or an app.

Traffic Manager

A traffic manager's job is to generate visits to websites or mobile apps by setting up and tracking online ad campaigns.

Oh My Job

Oh My Job: Business Jobs

In this Oh My Job series, discover business roles through those who practice them everyday.

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Oh My Job

Oh My Job: Tech Jobs

In this Oh My Job series, discover tech roles through those who practice them everyday.

10 contents