Yoga Room

Yoga Room

Past and future

Their story

Their story

Yoga Room was founded in 2016 with the opening of our first studio in the heart of Chatelain, a lively neighbourhood in the heart of Brussels. Between 2017 and 2022, we opened an additional four studios (Plasky, Fort-Jaco, Waterloo and Stockel)

Yoga Room arrived in France with a studio in Lyon at Bellecour in 2019, and the studio “Les Halles” opened the following year. In June 2021, the first Yoga Room opened in Paris in the 17th arrondissement.

Finally, we launched our Lisbon studio in April 2022! With the help of a cohesive and dynamic team, Yoga Room will continue to grow throughout Europe!

Their vision

At Yoga Room, we believe wholeheartedly that “a better world is possible thanks to people feeling better.” It is this vision that drives our team to make yoga accessible to everyone. We encourage our members to practice as often as possible in order to feel the true benefits of yoga and see a real change in their lives.

Their vision

Company values


Committed in heart and mind to embrace challenges


Genuinely acting kindly, without any expectations in return


Living truthfully and striving for excellence in everything we do


Solutions oriented, using collective creativity to design the best experience