Toucan Toco

Toucan Toco


We think the world would be a better place if decisions were made based on both facts and Human intuition.

Here are 3 points to discover Toucan and its Ambition.

The People

The People

We are a global team of more than a 100 people, based in Paris and in Boston.

We’ve got a vibrant Culture that we are very proud of. As part of our Culture we stand for inclusion As founders, we know that we're just 3 white well-educated, and lucky guys.

However, we deeply believe that our company and society would be a better place with a diverse group of people, from different educational backgrounds, origins, genders, and ages.

Degrees for example don’t matter to us when you already have the right set of skills for the job.

The Product

Our growth is based on our product: everybody is either building or selling that product.

We believe that Powerful Analytics don't have to be complex and frustrating.

We think Analytics should be easy to access, simple to understand & actionable, letting users manage their business, no PhD required.

Others Analytics Companies are producing friction around Data, and make things complex and cumbersome.

We are focused on keeping things intuitive & attractive for the many people.

Toucan Toco
Toucan Toco

And here is our Ambition.

Our goal is to become Legendary.

Our Models are companies that have a global impact like Workday, Zendesk or Hubspot.

Here is our path to victory:

➡️ First we want to attract and retain talents like you! Because growth depends on people

➡️ Next is to continue our Product Differentiation. We name it ‘the Toucan Way’ of doing things and we think it will shape the next generation of Analytics.

➡️ And Finally, we continue our US expansion. We’ve built a reliable team there, and we’ve got a very good sales momentum & Market traction.

And here is why you should consider joining: We are extraordinary at making people grow within the company.

Toucan Toco


Their Mission: They make Analytics that business people actually use.

Powerful analytics don't have to be complex and frustrating. Toucan is Guided Analytics for Business users who need to make every day decisions and drive adoption, collaboration, & context from their data.— no PhD required.

From 4 associates to more than 115 collaborators in 6 years, they are self financed until 2019 thanks to more dans 150 key accounts such as Renault, DC Power, Crédit Agricole, Verified Market Research, Elior, Icade, RATP, Nexity, French Ministry of Economy, Marques Avenue, Euler Hermes, Vision Web,...

On the agenda :

  • A welcoming, healthy and caring culture
  • Values defined together including "each one teach one": They are all in turn learner and teacher.
  • An exciting software product to create, install, market or sell
  • A fast-growing organization, where you grow fast!

What they are looking for

They are looking for people who are curious, passionate about the web, and result driven!

Pedagogy is one of the keys to Toucan Toco's success. It has even become one of their "Each One Teach One" values. They want to discover new nuggets to join this great adventure.

Optimism, passion and joy of life, simple words but full of truth at Toucan Toco!

Good to know

The team is ambitious, works in a healthy and simple atmosphere, conducive to fulfillment. Here are the secrets of their success:

  • Challenging and fair framework
  • Values defined together : Such as "Be Well & Take Care".
  • Weekly Yoga
  • Weekends in the countryside

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