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Skello is a hyper-growth European company with a mission: to plan the success of its customers.

In concrete terms, Skello is revolutionizing workforce management by allowing any manager to optimize, simplify and plan work through an innovative and intuitive tool.

In 5 years, our team has grown from 4 to 150 people and we now support more than 7,000 customers in all sectors. We work with Accor, Adidas, Biocoop, Groupe Bertrand, Pharmavie, Yves Rocher and Starbucks.

Our ambition is to create ever more effective tools to help our clients achieve their goals and success. To achieve this, we have raised a €40M Series B round of financing from expert funds in the field (Partech, Aglaé Venture & XAnge), and we plan to double our workforce by 2022 to become the European leader.

Our international expansion starts in 2021 with our presence in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Germany!

In the midst of our internationalization, the Skello teams want every talent on the teamto be comfortable with English in order to listen and understand it. The exact level expected will then depend on each position.

Want to join us? Go for it!

What they are looking for

If you are ready to join a startup that will become the European leader, if you want to move mountains to get there, don't wait any longer, apply, it's for you!

Skello's 5 values: "POHER" :

  • Passion: enjoy working
  • Ownership : being an entrepreneur within a startup
  • Humility : never take anything for granted and learn from your mistakes
  • Empathy : put yourself in the shoes of the client and others in the team
  • Rage to win: never give up, tenacity

Do you recognize yourself in this? Then go for it!

Good to know

Skello's vocabulary:

  • Passion: defines what drives them when a customer sends them a gif or a love message on their SAV chat

  • The Monthly: their ritual every first Thursday of the month where they review the big ups, the big downs, the progress of the month and the upcoming challenges - and where they go for drinks to celebrate afterwards

  • The Happiness : elected for a one month mandate, he is their union delegate, in charge of delivering happiness to the whole team. Watch out if you don't polish your candidacy speech and campaign, they have stand up killers at Skello!

  • Random Coffee : every two weeks, you are paired with another random person from the company and you have to spend some time together outside of work doing whatever you want (breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, activities)... The goal is to get to know the people you don't work with but who are still your company!

On top of all that Skello helps you take care of your athletic body! You can join their soccer team and their weekly yoga class!

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