How it all began:

We know what you’re thinking—isn’t the real story here how fabulous Sabi’s hair is? Yes, yes it is, but there’s more to the tale. Back in 2011, Rob, Bas, and Sabi were running an online store selling phone accessories. Things were great, and the business was growing.

However, they couldn’t find a time-saving solution for their most frustrating problem: shipping.

As the old adage goes, if you want something done, do it yourself. On a quest to solve the problem, they decided to build the software themselves, and by themselves, we mean they asked a programmer pal to help. With the transaction paid in beers and a mac screen, Sendcloud was born.

The values that make our culture:

Are you a slightly crazy, ambitious go-getter with an allergy for big egos? Then you’ll feel right at home with us, because everything we do at Sendcloud is guided by these three core principles. If something doesn’t meet our values, we don’t do it – simple.

No bullshit 🐮💩

No bullshit 🐮💩

We have no time for internal politics. Building something new requires trust, so we value a transparent and open culture based on freedom and responsibility. We train our people in delivering candid feedback with good intent, cause that’s how we grow.

By acknowledging our failures and learning from the perspectives of others, we create winning teams!

Grow & win 🎓🏆

We are mad passionate about our mission, pushing ourselves to become true shipping superstars. We recognise that we’re all in this together. Great ideas are there to be executed, whether you’ve been with us for a year, a month or just a week. We hire to create culturally diverse teams, ’cause that’s where the winning happens.

Let’s celebrate our differences and grow together!

Grow & win 🎓🏆
Have fun 🎉🥂

Have fun 🎉🥂

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Having fun is the key to success and happiness – on and off the job. Connect with your colleagues over a game of pool, celebrate your successes over a beer and go loco at one of our (in)famous company parties. Be yourself, even if you’re a little crazy.

We hire you for being you, so have fun and enjoy the ride!


Sendcloud saves time and money for e-merchants by simplifying the management of one of the most time-consuming and yet key processes in their business: shipping.

Within a few years, Sendcloud quickly became one of the leading shipping solutions in Europe with more than 15,000 customers in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. Austria.

This success was made possible thanks to a strong partnership with several players in the e-commerce ecosystem including +25 international carriers and 30 e-commerce integrations, as well as a dedicated sales and support team to best meet the needs of its customers and support them in the growth of their e-commerce sites and projects.

PS: We have magnificent offices located in Eindhoven, Munich, and in the heart of Paris!

What they are looking for

We hire people who are the best in their field and, just as important, who fit our culture.

Good to know

The application process varies depending on the role, but here’s what you can expect if you’re looking to join our squad.

Application WEEK 1 Let’s go! We’ll review your resume and cover letter, and stalk your LinkedIn while we’re at it. No need to send cupcakes, we’ll get back to you within a week.

Culture check WEEK 2 Over the phone or video call, you’ll chat with one of our recruiters about yourself, why you want to work with us and whether you’re a cat or dog person.

Skills interview WEEK 3 With your soon-might-be manager or teammates, you’ll go in-depth into your past work experience, your skillset, and how they apply to the role.

Test day WEEK 4 Almost there! Now it’s time to really show us what you got, during a test day that might include a skill test and more interviews with the team or board members.

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