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Aurian founded Selectra on the bench of Sciences Po. For the past 10 years, he has done all kinds of jobs, from the most commercial to the most geek.

After graduating with a law degree from the University of Paris II and the Sorbonne Institute of Criminology, Léria joined Selectra in 2011. She first joined the content department as web marketing manager before moving on to a position as editorial manager for news and social networks.

Aline started her professional career as a saleswoman for different companies. Although she loved doing what she did, she always wanted to follow her dreams and pursue her passion for graphic design. That’s why she decided to go for a career in Marketing and Communication. She gained experience in a wide variety of sectors, from telecommunications to professional cycling. In 2019 she joined Selectra as Webmarketing & Content officer. She really likes having different missions on an everyday basis, because that way she can use her creativity and her passion for numbers. When she isn't at the office, Aline is watching a cycling race or testing the latest videogame to satisfy her geek inclination.

Lucile is a 25 years old girl from Normandy, more precisely from a little city called Dieppe. She successfully finished highschool and decided to go for a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a focus on Banking and Insurance. After her Bachelor’s degree she wanted to pursue her studies and she signed up for a Master’s degree in Negotiation at Kedge Business School. Nowadays, Lucile works as Supervisor of the Energy Department of Selectra. As a handball-player, Lucile has developed a taste for challenge, an essential skill to motivate her team on a daily basis!

Enzo's career is based on interdisciplinarity. During his studies in advertising and fashion photography, he also worked as a designer for a publishing house. After he graduated, he joined a photography and technology studio that gave him the opportunity to lead several projects linking the two disciplines. After 4 years on these projects, he decided to join Selectra where he continues to develop his skills by combining creativity and technology.

Jean-François joined Selectra in 2015 and quickly proved himself as a Sales Representative before taking on responsibilities in the Telecom Division.

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Selectra allows you to compare and purchase your household contracts concerning energy and telecommunication. Its ambition is to make the world cheaper, greener and easier. Selectra has experienced an enormous growth and is now active in 10 different countries.

The company reaches more than 100 million visitors per year on its websites and counts already 1000 employees, mainly based in Madrid’s offices.

In 2018, Selectra has been listed in the Financial Times’ overview of Europe's fastest growing start-ups. The company strongly highlights an entrepreneurial mindset and pursues an ambitious development plan.

What they are looking for

Selectra is looking for world leaders in their field: excellent salespeople, passionate business developers, inveterate geeks, and so much more!

Digital lovers will be able to build on their skills and expand their career alongside Selectra's expert.

Good to know

In every single Selectra office across Europe, you get the feeling of being on campus: there is a dynamic atmosphere which encourages every single employee to develop himself and to create new ideas.

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