The Sanofi Digital Accelerator is a brand new venture. Our goal is to further our purpose: chasing the miracle of Science to improve patients’ life. And we do that with a brand new team, our own digital capabilities, building new digital & data products for Sanofi

Océane, Responsable Production Biotechnologies

First and foremost, the Accelerator is a very positive environment: we all share the mindset that we fail together and we succeed together. Secondly, we are trying to do something very innovative: anyone who joins here can really push their boundaries as much as possible.

Ivy-Steaven, Alternant Chargé de Mission RSE

We are part of Sanofi, but we are a separate entity, really open to taking the best of proposals coming from everyone. All profiles will find their place here, on recent & innovative technologies, while having their voice heard because we are building products which will require new ideas

Nadia, Responsable Contenus et Campagnes de Communication Digitale

The Accelerator for me is synonym of excellence: we work with the best Developers, POs & Scrum Masters, and above all the best technologies, to deliver the top-notch products

Valentin, People Excellence Partner

As a data analyst, I'm often asked the question, are you surrounded by geeks? This is totally untrue, it's an image that can be dangerous for potential candidates. In my job, we are judged solely on our technical skills and professional abilities.

Léa, Alternante Chargée d’Analyse Vaccins ARN messager

The role of CX designer is to work on the user experience, for patients, doctors to create digital products. My goal is to make the user experience as intuitive as possible. The skills required for my job: curiosity, empathy and creativity!

Joséphine, Alternante Coordinatrice Marque Employeur et Politique Jeunes

Ce qui me tient vraiment à cœur, c’est de continuer à faire vivre la communauté des jeunes Sanofiens et avoir un impact positif et durable sur leur développement et leur bien-être.

Inès, Alternante Chargée d’Assurance Qualité Audits & Inspections

À mon poste d’alternant, je me sens pleinement intégré à l’équipe et accompagné au quotidien.

Enzo, Alternant Attaché Clientèle


At Sanofi, we pursue the miracles of science to improve people's lives. In France, more than 20,000 passionate men and women tirelessly push their limits to transform the practice of medicine and improve patient health with drugs and vaccines.

The desire to advance science is our strength. We want to improve the health of populations and find new solutions for patients by combining scientific progress and advanced technologies.

In France, we provide more than 400 drugs, vaccines and health products, including 18 vaccines and more than 200 drugs of major therapeutic interest.

Sanofi's roots are anchored in France where most of the Research and Development is located. In the French medical research landscape, we hold a central role and actively participate in the construction of a dynamic health sector.

To contribute to the world of tomorrow, three commitments guide our actions: access to care for the most vulnerable, inclusion of all through work and preservation of the planet. Nothing would be possible without the remarkable mobilization of our employees and partners.

What they are looking for

We are present in France across the entire drug value chain, from research to marketing.

As a result, we offer a wide variety of professions: in research & development, biological and chemical production, medical, marketing, digital, sales, support functions, etc.

Good to know

  • EXPLORE MORE You’ll be surprised by what you can achieve in a short time at Sanofi. Our continuous learning culture and opportunities that span specialisms, sectors, products and the globe mean there are endless possibilities to progress. But that’s just the beginning. Because with every exploration comes the chance to stretch. To build new connections, welcome new ideas, embrace different perspectives.

  • CHASE CHANGE Progress needs people. Every Sanofian, in every role, has pushed us forward to the next breakthrough through courage, effort and ideas. It’s time to shake things up and revolutionise our business, and our industry, for the better. We know it won't be easy. And it's going to take time. But it starts here. Every day, we’re thinking Sanofi first, improving what we do and supporting people to make it happen.

  • DO RIGHT We're a big company, committed to making a big impact even in small places. Our heritage has enabled us to be citizens of the world, closer to the customers and patients we serve; a global reach that allows us to make and distribute life-changing medications where they are needed. We’re committed to taking the right action even when it’s the harder thing to do. And we’ll do right by those we serve with pride.

  • MAKE MIRACLES Pioneering biotech, enhancing immunity, saving lives. Leading projects, teaching colleagues, sharing skills. Whether we’re scientists or software engineers; production supervisors, sales managers or people leaders, we join together to work wonders every day. Pushing each other to do what's never been done before. Always focusing on moving forwards, on acting for patients and customers. And every day, striving to bring the miracles of science to life.

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