Founded in 2012, PromoFarma is an e-commerce marketplace that connects consumers directly with pharmacies and providers of health, beauty and personal care products.

After being acquired in 2018 by the Swiss group Zur Rose, PromoFarma is now a member of a large European family that is already leading the digitalization of the health sector, betting heavily on the development of applications and digital functionalities that allow people to manage their health in a comprehensive and personalized way. It is precisely the technological expertise of the company that has made PromoFarma the Group's technological hub, from where different software development teams work to support the growth of the company and lead the internationalization of the marketplace in Europe.

What they are looking for

Its mission as a company is to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing people with access to the largest online catalog of health, beauty and personal care products, providing the best shopping experience and customer service.

At PromoFarma they work every day knowing that their effort and dedication serves to help improve the quality of life of many people. But, they are not satisfied only with this. They want to go further and have the best team to revolutionize the health sector. If you want to be part of this adventure, you will have the opportunity to work outside your comfort zone, to challenge yourself and, above all, to learn and walk alongside a united, strong and prepared team.

Good to know

With its offices in Barcelona, PromoFarma has known how to adapt to the new work circumstances that have arisen since the appearance of the COVID-19. Currently its more than 200 employees work remotely from different parts of the world, but perfectly connected and united. It is a very communicative and participatory company with a clear culture of constant feedback. In addition, every month they organize a session in which they bring together the entire company (now virtually) to explain results and new projects.

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