Powell Software

Powell Software

The word of the founders

“Our mission is to offer our customers the tools that drive collective intelligence, by greatly improving the digital experience of users, and above all by forgetting no one. We are convinced that there can be no growth, no performance without involving all employees”

Powell Software

The values

Entrepreneurial spirit: Initiative is encouraged! We welcome ideas to better serve our customers and improve internal processes. You then have ownership and support to those turn ideas into actions.

Teamwork: Together we can go further. They say teamwork makes the dream work, and when we combine the skills, talent, and knowledge of everyone we can do great things. We’re strong believers in working as a team.

Agility: Nothing is set in stone. We are constantly adapting, evolving, and value flexibility.

Innovation: In our world, staying innovative is crucial to stay ahead of the game. We are always innovating to improve our solutions and processes.

Powell Software
Powell Software
Powell Software

Benefits of working at Powell Software

Flexibility: at Powell Software, you are free to organize your work the way you and your team want. Young workforce: We have a young dynamic team, with an average age of 32. Yet, everyone at Powell is young at heart and we value everyone's experience! International offices: Powell is internationally oriented with co-workers on every continent. More than 12 nationalities are represented within the company. Working with Microsoft: Microsoft is one of the main partners of Powell Software giving us many opportunities and challenges every day.


Powell Software is a global SaaS company, founded in 2016, with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong.

The international software publisher supports its customers in their digital transformation through customisable and scalable Digital Workplace solutions. The Powell suite is the leading provider of Office 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint solutions that revolutionise collaboration, communication and productivity in the workplace. Innovation and experience are at the heart of its approach.

Powell Software currently has more than 120 partners, 300 customers and 1.5M users. And the company has just completed a $16 million fund-raising campaign to increase its presence abroad and develop its product offering.

What they are looking for

At Powell Software, everyone is important! Their employees are not all the same, but they all share a passion for digital, teamwork and challenges. The start-up cultivates entrepreneurship, curiosity and humour. Team spirit and sharing is a core value of the company.

Powell Software is looking for motivated, daring people with a thirst to learn and surpass themselves, in a climate of trust and caring. The culture of "all things possible" is encouraged!

The international start-up welcomes employees from all over the world! Among the Powellplayers are Americans, Russians, Germans, Poles, etc. English is therefore an essential language for communicating within the teams but also with their customers and partners.

Good to know

Their team maintains its competitive spirit with babyfoots, table tennis racquet shots or video game epics.

But they always get together to make peace during our afterworks, raclette or karaoke evenings...

Travel lovers? There is always the opportunity to go to London for a trade fair, to Dubai for a partner meeting or Lisbon for a client workshop.

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