All the employees of Petrossian share two fundamental values: to perpetuate the family heritage and to be driven by a passion for excellent products.

The know-how initiated by the brothers Mouchegh and Melkoum Petrossian in 1910 has been passed down from generation to generation.

From the preparation of salmon at our Anjou production site to the maturing of caviar in our Paris laboratory, from digital marketing to advice on purchasing in shops, all our activities contribute to making Petrossian a brand of excellence that is always innovative

Growing up in the Petrossian family boutique, Mikaël initially embarked on a career as a chartered accountant, then became an entrepreneur by creating the chain of restaurants Yoom.

His love and passion for caviar eventually caught up with him and in 2019 Mikaël Petrossian took over the reins of the Petrossian group as Chairman and CEO. His goal is to perpetuate the family tradition and product excellence the company is renowned for, whilst placing innovation and the conquest of new markets abroad at the heart of his strategy.

Gaëlle has been a sales consultant for 2 years in our historical Petrossian boutique located at 18 boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg. Her missions are varied, from the technical expertise to hand-slice smoked salmon and prepare caviar, to customer service and advice.

Which caviar to choose for an initiation? Which smoked salmon for which occasion? Which vodka pairing? Gaëlle always has an expert answer for each request in the shop.

Serge is Petrossian’s Sales Director. After ten years in the field in the Lyon region, he moved to the Paris headquarters to head the national sales team and the sales administration team. In constant contact with each of his colleagues, his objective is to develop sales with retailers and restaurant owners, while following the strategy orchestrated by Mikaël Petrossian.

Sanja is a great example of career progression at Petrossian. She started as a retail consultant in our travel outlets, then became sales manager to Michelin Star chefs to now be our Operational and Travel Retail Manager.

In charge of recruiting staff, designing and implementing new shop corners at prestigious locations, as well as ordering supplies, she is ensuring the smooth running of several of our shops. There is no such thing as routine for Sanja, who wears many different hats.

Nicolas is in charge of one of the most vital function in the company: the purchasing and supply of Petrossian products. On the purchasing side, his department is responsible for sourcing the best caviar and delicatessen partners as well as arranging packaging. On the supply side, he heads up a caviar lab where the caviar is selected, refined and tinned and a salmon lab where the artful hand slicing is carried out.


Petrossian is a family-owned company that has been a French institution for 100 years, its name so often associated with caviar that it has become synonymous with it.

Since the opening of its first boutique in Paris in 1920, it has cultivated a French art of living through a century of know-how dedicated to the selection and maturation of caviar, fish eggs, smoked fish and the selection of exceptional delicatessen products.

The quest for excellence and innovation is at the heart of the family's concerns to make every Petrossian tasting moment simply exceptional.

What they are looking for

Petrossian is looking for people who are motivated by the desire to learn, share and innovate in the world of gastronomy and fine foods.

Becoming a Petrossian employee means sharing the values of family traditions and the French know-how of excellence.

Good to know

Each new employee is invited to attend a Caviar training course at the Paris workshop. You have to be ready to taste a spoonful (or two) of Ossetra at breakfast time.

Whether at headquarters or in the boutiques, Christmas is a very intense and unifying period within the Petrossian family. Each employee is encouraged to get stuck in and "surf the wave" of orders with a can-do attitude.

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