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{Home office} ☀️

1 day/week and flexibility according to the needs of the team. Newheat provides company computer and phone, as well as two 2nd screens: one for the premises and the other to take home!

{Food & mobility}☀️

Meal tickets financed at 50% by the company. 50% of the cost of a transport pass

{Holiday bonus} ☀️

Compliance with the collective agreement, a bonus is paid at the end of July, for an amount of approximately 2 to 2.5% of gross annual salary (after a full year)

{Leave and time off} ☀️

Based on 25 days of paid holiday per year, plus RTT days (variable number depending on the calendar). The plus? 8 additional paid holidays every 2 years (in accordance with the collective agreement)

{French Social security}☀️

Health and welfare

Career development

In a fast-growing company, there will be plenty of opportunities!

Work life

Team rituals and events

Team rituals and events

Each year the company organises a number of internal events: monthly team meetings / annual seminar / Christmas dinner / annual sunset surfing session. The team regularly meets for a sporting activity (basketball🏀 , badminton🏸 , darts🎯 ...) a lunch or a drink at a local restaurant (no obligation!) 🍻