Digitalization Expert


Digitalization Expert

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  • Počáteční datum:
  • 30 Rue de Gramont , Paris, 75002
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  • Vzdělání: Magisterský stupeň vzdělání
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  • Životní prostředí / Udržitelný rozvoj, Strategie, Připojené objekty, Big Data
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Digitalization Expert

  • Plný úvazek 
  • Počáteční datum:
  • 30 Rue de Gramont , Paris, 75002

  • Možnost pracovat částečně z domova
  • Vzdělání: Magisterský stupeň vzdělání
  • zkušenosti: > 3 roky

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Who are they?

Are you passionate about Energy Transition and Tech?

Come and join METRON, a fast-growing start-up using artificial intelligence to reduce the carbon footprint of Industry and Territories.

Founded in 2013, METRON has developed an energy intelligence platform for industrial factories. By harnessing multiple sources of data generated by industrial systems, METRON Energy Virtual Assistant leverages the latest machine learning capabilities and dedicated knowledge bases to proactively identify energy savings opportunities, connect to decentralized energy resources and turn energy into a profit center. More than 100 experts, data scientists and energy engineers are based in Europe, Latin America, the Middle-East and Asia helping industrial clients in all sectors to maximize value from their energy data and support them with the implementation of energy efficiency optimizations.

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Job description

As part of the European Industrial Digitalization team, you will be involved in a wide variety of
projects in Europe, where you will become fully autonomous to :

  • Deliver Digitalization Assessments and Digitalization Roadmap of industrial sites by
    understanding their energy uses, industrial data sources and network architecture ;
  • Design and implement our solutions for integrating data from industrial sites to our cloud,
    using various range of industrial IT technologies and cybersecurity advance solutions ;
  • Ensure a technological watch on industrial equipment (supervisions, OPC, PLC, counters, ERP,
    sequencer, IoT sensor, etc.) and communication protocols (Modbus, Bacnet,
    Profibus/Profinet, etc.) ;
  • Report to our Head of Digitalization and highlight main issues.

Preferred experience

  1. What you will need to succeed :
  • Engineering degree with at least 3 years in a technical role in the digitalization field and clear
    references in the industrial world ;
  • Extensive knowledge about networks/telecommunication, automatism, industrial
    communication protocols ;
  • Result oriented, analytically-minded, with a sense of urgency when necessary, able to handle
    pressure, and with good team spirit ;
  • Strong leadership, communication and inter-departmental collaboration skills;
  • Fluent in French and in English ;
  • Available to travel up to 30% of the time.
  1. Keywords that hold no secrets for you :
  • Industrial assets: supervision, SCADA, PLC, meters, ERP, OPC, sequencers, IoT ;
  • Industrial communication protocols: Modbus TCP, OPC (DA/UA), Bacnet, Profibus/Profinet,
    Allen Bradley… ;
  • Databases: SQL, OJDBC, HDA… ;
  • IT networks: network identification and management (firewall, switch, routers, hub…) ;
  • Data collection, Data quality, Data monitoring ;
  • Data-transfer modes: UDP, VPN SSL, VPN IPSEC, (S)/FTP, MQTT ;
  • Remote access solutions: HTTP, SSH, PROXY, TMA, Remote control software ;
  • Security policy: confidentiality, possession, integrity, authenticity, availability, utility.

Diversity is in Metron’s DNA, we respect equal treatment for all candidates regardless of gender, age, social background…
If you think you are the ideal candidate but you don’t exactly fit the job description, don’t hesitate to apply !

Recruitment process

  1. Your flashed on the job and our company ? Send us your cv !
  2. A 15 minutes call with our Hiring Manager ;
  3. A 1 hour virtual interview with our Hiring Manager ;
  4. An online personality assesment & a virtual 1 hour interview with our Talent Acquisition Manager ;
  5. A 30 minutes meeting with your future team + a 30 minutes meeting with your futur VP at the office.


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