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You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.


Eleanor Roosevelt


L’AgenceRP was created in 2012 from the independent, idealistic spirit of their founder. Natacha Favry fervently believes that freedom allows greater efficiency, and that working your way, without pressure from stakeholders, leads to 100% customer satisfaction. Natacha is also convinced that every one of the team has the power to make a positive social impact. Her secret weapon: communication.

What’s the point of innovation if it doesn’t affect anyone? If it elicits no response? “Revealing” is the key that can open the door to profound change.

But change also means transformation, questioning, shaking things up. These words can be frightening, and can generate mistrust. Mistrust is the evil of their times; no one believes anyone anymore.

“Technology will steal our jobs!” “Journalists distort the truth.” “If you read it online it’s probably fake news.” They respond to this mistrust with trustworthiness, transparency, honesty, and commitment. Their commitment to a better world. Their commitment to their clients.

They are the ones creating this movement, and their innovations are changing the world. Their mission is to support them, and provide them with the platform they need to spread their message. They truly believe in them!

What they are looking for

More than experts, they are looking for personalities, teammates who are looking for challenges and who are motivated by a desire to help others - their clients, their team - grow .

The word #teamspirit has its full meaning at L'AgenceRP, together they are stronger, more creative, simply better

Good to know

Want to join the tribe?
Some tips:

  • Love your job
  • Smile and good humour are de rigueur
  • Working as a team

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