Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Cloud & Data Platform - (F/M/X) - CDI


Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Cloud & Data Platform - (F/M/X) - CDI

  • Plný úvazek 
  • Paris
  • Možnost pracovat plně z domova
  • Vzdělání: Neuvedeno
  • zkušenosti: Neuvedeno




  • Média, Televizní a filmová produkce
  • Od 250 do 2000 zaměstnanců


Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Cloud & Data Platform - (F/M/X) - CDI

  • Plný úvazek 
  • Paris

  • Možnost pracovat plně z domova
  • Vzdělání: Neuvedeno
  • zkušenosti: Neuvedeno

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Who are they?

Since its creation in 2016, Jellysmack has experienced a meteoric rise and quickly established itself as the global creator company that detects and develops the world’s most talented video creators. Their proprietary video data and optimization technology drive massive social audience growth for creators, unlocking new revenue streams and amplifying monetization.

Jellysmack is currently home to 10 of the biggest social media channels like Beauty Studio, Oh My Goal, Gamology, and House of Bounce plus over 190 influential Creators like MrBeast, Bailey Sarian, Derek Deso, Brad Mondo, and so many more. Their incredible team optimizes, operates, and distributes creator-made video content to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube to unlock every creator’s full potential.

Jellysmack’s success is not only reflected in the numbers or in our extraordinary growth. But also because our 1000 Jellysmackers perfectly embody our values:

  • Agility: Embracing change, moving quickly, and challenging the status-quo are characteristics you’ll rely on here. Hit subscribe and enjoy the ride.
  • Positivity: You’ll thrive at Jellysmack if you bring a positive attitude to your work every day and collaborate with the team to tackle big challenges and generate solutions.
  • Stand Out: Good ideas can come from anywhere and we want to see you step up and be yourself.
  • Overperforming: Whether you’re an intern or an executive, you’ll find success at Jellysmack if you’re willing to push your own boundaries and never stop learning or improving.
  • Precision: Jellysmack has a clear vision: to shape the future of the creator economy. We get there by staying laser-focused on our goals and executing with precision.

And because Jellysmack is always looking to improve, they’re looking for newly engaged team members who also embody these values. Those hoping to join the adventure should also be able to bring both boldness and efficiency to the table along with ambition and a strong sense of team spirit.

Giving a voice to the fans in a spirit of sharing and positive energy is more than just our goal; it’s their passion.

Share, grow, and evolve alongside them.

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Job description

Jellysmack is the global creator company that detects and develops the world's most talented video creators on social media. Jellysmack helps creators grow their communities and maximize their earnings across multiple social media platforms.

Jellysmack is a dynamic company with over 1800 employees. It is the Digital-first social audience with more than 10B video views per month. Jellysmack has over 500 creator partners.

Jellysmack is one of the most promising scale-ups. Reaching the unicorn status some months ago with an amazing fundraising backed by best FC funds. Our goal is to continue our international expansion. Come and live this great adventure with us!

Team culture:

Jellysmack has developed one-of-a-kind technology built around four products aimed at optimizing video creation and distribution on social networks.

The Cloud & Data Platform, part of the Tech teams of ~250 people, builds and maintains the tailored runtime environment on which all workloads run. We make services readily-usable for other engineering and data teams to build their products on, like AWS managed services, Kubernetes, Airflow, ML Pipeline built on SageMaker, etc...

We provide tooling based on infrastructure as code and GitOps workflows to deploy seamlessly and let teams provision infrastructure or run datastores at scale.

We keep an eye on Cloud costs and help teams track them.

Your mission:

Build modern self-served infrastructure products in a public cloud environment.

You will be instrumental in productizing the ML Pipeline for the whole company using AWS SageMaker ecosystem, understanding the models built by Scientists.


What you’ll be responsible for:

  • Be the expert for all things about Machine Learning in the cloud
  • Be the goto person for SageMaker ecosystem
  • Build relationships internally with the tech teams
  • Build a self-served pipeline used by all data scientists
  • Be on-call for your team’s scope
  • Mentor other engineers in your team
A little about you:
  • You know everything about AWS Machine Learning products, bonus point for AWS certification(s)
  • You have used ML frameworks in any language (for exemple TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc )
  • You have a good understanding of Kubernetes (and EKS) and Docker, SageMaker, Glue
  • You have a strong experience with modern data or ML related Cloud Services (AWS or GCP)
  • You can troubleshoot code-level issues
  • You strive to collaborate and communicate across a large organization


Our “Work from Anywhere” philosophy:

Jellysmack believes in a flexible work environment in which anyone can work from anywhere. This is why we’ve implemented our flexible location philosophy, meaning you get the best of both worlds: you can choose to work from home and / or from our offices in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Corti.

Nota bene: your residence must be in the country in which you are applying

Perks at Jellysmack:
  • Clubs (cooking, art, talks, sports)
  • Paid volunteering: 1 day dedicated to supporting a cause of your choice
  • Bi-monthly Friday afternoons to work on research or random topics
  • Wellness (fitness, yoga, meditation)
  • Healthcare coverage

The Jellysmack difference:

Jellysmack’s story started in 2016, and since then, our unrivaled platform optimizes and distributes video content across social media platforms and allows creators to reach genuine new fans with zero effort.

We are the only company building the hyper-engaged communities that every creator dreams of because, first and foremost, we are creators too.

Currently home to over 420+ influential Creators, including Brad Mondo, Bailey Sarian, and Emmymade, Jellysmack optimizes, operates, and distributes creator-made video content to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. The company’s creator strategy builds upon its success in scaling its own original content channels in beauty (“Beauty Studio”), soccer (“Oh My Goal”), gaming (“Gamology”), and more.

Through the power of our data, we maximize reach and revenue so our creators can stay focused on their passion—creating the best content and entertaining fans around the world. We turn that passion into a brand and that brand into an empire

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Jellysmack, we believe that the best ideas come from the diverse cultures of our team members. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience drives us forward every day. Creating a work culture that is safe and comfortable for our people to flourish is our main focus.

Ready to be part of a great human adventure? We’re dedicated to making the best working environment possible for our people. All you have to do is apply; we are ready to let you show off your talent!



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