Innovafeed contributes to the construction of a sustainable food system by developing a pioneering and innovative industry: the breeding and processing of insects (Hermetia Illucens fly).

Their mission:

  • To have a positive overall environmental impact based on circular economy and inspired by natural food chains;
  • To generate territorial economic dynamism : in order to feed and raise their larvaes, they are co-located with agro-industrial partners that provide them with co-products and low footprint energy.

Incorporated in 2016, Innovafeed manufactures and sells 3 different insect-based products:

  • For a high-quality aquaculture respectful of animals’ natural diets, insect protein is obviously the best fish feed, particularly for salmon and trout that you would fly fish in a river! 🐟
  • For a sustainable farming respectful of animal welfare, insect oil is efficient for feeding animals like poultry and pig 🐤 
  • For a regenerative agriculture respectful of soils’ integrity, insects feces are leveraged as an efficient organic fertilizer  🌱  

What they are looking for

They are looking for new talents able to get deeply involved in their amibious and dynamic company. They believe in the insect protein potential and you are convinced of the central position it should hold in the food chain? Then, we believe you are ready to on-board the InnovaFeed adventure!

They are looking to integrate in their teams the following profiles:

  • Owner: willingness and drive to be responsible for project success;
  • Leader : an overarching role to deliver the project by managing a network of external and internal stakeholders;
  • Autonomous in the projects, team players.

Good to know

  • A customised On–Boarding process to discover our activity thanks to an operator training on the one hand and the role of the each team thanks to dedicated presentation on the other hand ;
  • A very strong feedback culture in order to constantly ensure that everyone's expectations and ambitions are aligned;
  • Significant involvement of employees in the growth and construction of the company (working groups, surveys, etc.);
  • An internal training program to allow everyone to grow;
  • Weekly All Team meetings to communicate on everyone's projects;
  • Regular team events to meet up.

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