Groupe Key Consulting

Groupe Key Consulting

IT / Digital

Suresnes, Barcelona, Biarritz, Caen, Lyon, Nantes, Singapour


    • Spring
    • Java


    • React JS
      React JS
    • JavaScript
    • Angular


    • Docker


Key Consulting is the consulting that makes programming useful to all !

Its purpose , make programming useful to all, gives meaning to all it ecosystem : from its collaborators for whom each project has to be a learning occasion to society in a wide sense to whom it's bringing its knowledge in order to face environmental and societal problematics : health and ecological transition, public and private big companies digital transformation.

Created in 2000, Key Consulting's success comes from its evolution to be an IT/digital services platform expert in onsite projects and service centers. In order to make sure of the weelbeing and personal development of its employees, Key Consulting bets on okness to make each and every one of them aware of their own value and the value of the others.

Cross-pollinisation eases skill sharing between employees, just like they did with technical coaching sessions to induce software craftsmanship as a key for success in their projects.

Human sized company, Key Consulting counts 8 offices based in Europe and Asia : Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Biarritz, Caen, Barcelone, Hanoï et Singapour.

What they are looking for

Key Consulting gathers passionate IT engineers. Graduated in masters degree or engineering school, technolovers, curious and openminded, the people they hire must have wide technical knowledge. They are looking for people ready to involve themselves in the company, its growth and its projects. Key Consulting expects reliable and autonomous engineers who will know how to take advantage of the trust they will be given from their starting day. Newly hired will have to show very good interpersonal skills, be open to themselves and to others and be able to work with direct contact with clients.

Good to know

  • To work well/For good work : hybrid work organization with 2 days at the office and home office
  • To never be bored : very diverse projects and technical stacks
  • To contribute : KeyTech, recruitment & (very!) attractive referee bonuses
  • To evolve : trust and autonomy, Pour évoluer: confiance et autonomie, mobilités internes fortes
  • To be supported : coachings, close follow up of the employees 🌺☀🍂❄
  • To have fun : breakfasts, bbq and afterworks 🥐🥓🍺
  • To do sport : ping-pong table, table football et pool table 🏓⚽

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