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Glose | Medium

Fullstack Engineer (React/GraphQL)

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Glose | Medium

Glose | Medium


    Fullstack Engineer (React/GraphQL)

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    Tato pozice byla obsazena!


    Créée en 2014, la mission de Glose est de créer le futur de la lecture et du partage des savoirs.
    Glose a été acquise en 2021 par Medium, la plateforme unique de lecture et d’écriture basée à San Francisco.

    Glose est l’application qui rend la lecture plus sociale, plus efficace et plus fun. Sur web et mobile, Glose permet de découvrir, lire, surligner et annoter les passages de milliers de livres numériques et d’échanger avec une communauté de lecteurs.

    Medium est une plateforme de création et de diffusion de contenus digitaux où chaque auteur peut exprimer ses idées sous la forme d’articles à destination de tous les internautes du monde entier.

    Experts dans leurs missions respectives, l’objectif de Glose et de Medium est de créer LE site le plus enrichissant du web, où lecteurs, auteurs et spécialistes se rencontrent, lisent, échangent et partagent leurs expériences.

    Job description

    We’re looking for a Fullstack Engineer to join our team and help us make reading better. Your goal is to work on the next iteration of the Glose platform, and build fast, intuitive, and powerful interfaces that will serve and delight readers and learners around the world. You should be willing to be autonomous and own a large part of the product. You will be working with every member of our team, especially our product designer, product manager, and back-end engineers.

    • You are obsessed with beautiful products and great user experiences.
    • You are detail oriented with a sense of aesthetics, pixel perfection, and a will to please users
    • You like to use the latest programming languages and processes
    • You are curious about other products you like to explore and benchmark, and push the limits of your discipline.
    • You are curious about other technologies and missions within the team, and are willing to learn from your teammates and grow your scope of action.
    • You like to execute and get things done with a high level of quality
    • You are a team player who accepts feedback, uses data to improve, and works to improve personally and professionally
    • You like to work for an ambitious and necessary mission.
    • You are passionate about the future of education.
    • You want to be one of the best at what you do, worldwide.
    • If this sounds like you, we love you already!


    • Help design, build, and improve the next version of Glose and other projects
    • Implement pixel perfect UI using React, GraphQL, NodeJS and our in-house design system
    • Contribute to team work on design and back-end integration
    • Contribute to open-source projects
    • Help us build the best learning experience in the world, with a deep understanding of our users’ needs.

    Preferred experience


    • BS in Software Engineering or related field
    • 3+ years of programming experience in frontend development
    • Experience with web technologies such as modern JavaScript (ES6/7, TypeScript, Babel), NodeJS, React, GraphQL, Redux, Webpack
    • A rock-solid foundation in Computer Science (data structures, algorithms, software design)
    • A passion for shipping quality code and neat user interfaces
    • Good oral and written communication in English

    Preferred skills

    • MS or PhD in Software Engineering or related field
    • Working in a very fast-paced and continuously changing environment
    • Experience about high performance NodeJS and React/GraphQL application, load time optimization and caching

    Recruitment process

    If you apply for a position in our team, you will undergo a 4 stage interview process:

    • Resume and motivation screening: this is to know who you are and what you have achieved.
    • Technical challenge at home: and then to build a small product. This is to show us how you you build things.
    • Scientific challenge in our office: you will be asked to solve more abstract problems live with our team. This is to see how you think. And also to debrief on what you build.
    • Personal meeting: this is to understand who you are and what you want –and to explain more of our culture. This is more personal. We don’t recruit to fill fixed positions. We recruit to add extraordinary individuals to our team. Individuals who want to expand, improve, take responsibility in building great things.

    Throughout all this process, our obsession is to help you succeed, and get a good feel for the work we do and the team we are.

    Learn know about how we think about tech in our tech blog

    Meet the team

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