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Full Stack Engineer

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Escape is hiring a Backend Engineer to help with creating, maintaining and improving features in our API security platform.

The role will involve:

  • Develop high-performance UIs and optimize web applications for scalability, leveraging TypeScript

  • Write Python and Golang code to add new features to our API discovery and security assessment tools

  • Deploy, monitor, debug, and scale your code in our DevOps environment with Docker, Grafana, and other tools

Požadavky na pozici


  • You’re passionate about engineering great, efficient, stable, and scalable software

  • You have at least two years of experience working with microservice architectures in production


  • Proficient in TypeScript – both our frontend and our API are fully typed

  • Basic knowledge of Python or Go — used for algorithmics or network-related tasks

  • Excellent Git skills

  • Good English communication skills, both written and verbal

  • You are a shipper - you test in production

Bonus Points

  • You know event-oriented programming

  • You like AI, Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms? You’ll fit right in

  • Basic knowledge in French is a plus

  • You want to surpass yourself and grow as an engineer and professionally

Proces náboru

  1. 📞 RH Call to meet you

  2. 💪 Tech Challenge to see what you can do !

  3. 🤖 Meeting with someone from the tech team

  4. 🚀 Meeting with our CTO and Co-founder Antoine

  5. 🚀 Meeting with our CEO and Co-founder Tristan !

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