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Their history

Their history

Founded in 2019, we are a fast-growing team with now over 30+ experts all over the world. Since then, we have been successfully covering the full-scale digital marketing sphere, designing strategies, producing winning contents, tracking, adapting, and converting through our performing departments including:

Paid Media Creatives Content Influence Marketing Strategy & Data Analysis Operations

Now, if you’re hungry for some numbers. No problem. Here they are: The brands we worked with generated 100M€ altogether during the last 2 years. We've partnered our clients with the biggest influencers & celebrities in the world, and we continue to do so. We are the first ambassador partner for Snapchat in Europe.


collaborated with over 15 brands in 2021


Spent in social media platform ads


Spent in Influence Marketing management


Influencers unlocked for paid partnerships


Growth strategies masterclasses organized


revenue in a day milestones reached

Their Vision

We are not your typical agency.

We know, we know--every agency says that. But not every agency can back it up. We don’t work with established brands.

We. Establish. Brands.

We scale new businesses from zero, nothing, to... as far as they dare to go. Likewise, we are a full-service growth incubator for our clients and our team members!

So how can you stay positive in a cut-throat, ever-changing e-commerce world? Be a learner. Be bold. Be a chameleon. Be ambitious yet compassionate.

Promote solutions over problems, initiative over inaction, and delivery over delay. It’s what we DO, and we DO the same for our clients.

Their Vision


We are partners. We collaborate, we develop, we perform. Together. And together, we are always stronger.

Even better: we commit to our collaborations, develop widely, efficiently, and perform HIGH.

What’s the magic here? Well, no tricks, no hacks. Only pure innovation, deep marketing skills and unbending dedication.

...At EMF Media, we are...

  1. Passionate Learners: Go beyond the routine.
  2. Love the game of growth.
  3. Transparent: Promote an open, honest company culture.
  4. Entrepreneurial: Be accountable. Be proactive. Challenge yourself & others.
  5. Highly Adaptive: Anticipate change. DO what’s needed to move forward
  6. Result-driven: Define goals. Make smart decisions. Perform to achieve.
EMF Media
EMF Media
EMF Media

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